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Essay on Making Choices

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Taking Things for Granted

The lesson that my parents preached to me time and time again had finally registered to me. I sat and listed to my aunt talk about all the things that she would have done differently and all the things she wished she would have said and then I realized, I need to stop taking things in my life for granted and live every moment like it may be my last. This was definitely, without a shadow of a doubt...

Transcript of a Short Story A Moonlight Fable

The boy loved his suit so much that he dreamt about it. He would often take the suit out of it's storage and admire it. His mother allowed him to wear the suit on Sundays to church, but with tissue covering the buttons so they wouldn't tarnish and tacked on protective guards on the elbows and cuffs so they wouldn't tear. Whenever the boy would peek at the buttons under the tissue wrap, he would no...

Aspire to Inspire Before Your Life Expire

What a gift that would be for that person to receive. And think how awesome it would be if you were the giver of that gift! So in summing up the meaning of the phrase aspire to inspire before you expire, it simply says to have the desire to arouse and positively influence an individual into action so that they fulfill their innermost desires before they die and leave this planet. And it also appli...

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Principles of Individual Decision-Making

In an economy there are four principles that are vital to the decision making process of how it will distributes it’s resources. The first is Trade-offs, giving up one thing for another. Then the determination of the cost of what you are giving up to get to your goal. Third, is the the thought that rational people think at the margin, meaning one will take advantage of all opportunities to achie...

A Contemporary Introduction to Free Choice

However, it is possible that all of this speculation about cultural bias ultimately makes Strawson's argument stronger; if it is the case that the amount of moral responsibility needed in order to justifiably speak of having "free will" is different from culture to culture, then the plurality of definitions for free will may end up making the concept so general as to be meaningless, effectively ne...

The Parable of the Sadhu About Decision Making

Using the various ethical guidelines, McCoy’s decision of leaving the sadhu for his own achievement is unethical. Leaving a person who cannot manage oneself, is unethical, especially if something could have been done. For McCoy was so focused on his goal, he failed to confront this ethical dilemma immediately and could not think of the costs of his decision. Therefore, his decision was weighed m...

The Story of Sinuhe's Life and Decision Making

It is through divine intervention that Sinuhe is provided with strength on his flight while on exile until the time he returned to his homeland. He exclaims at once-“whether I am in the Residence, or whether I am in this place, it is you who cover this horizon”. Sinuhe also prayed for a return to his ome after winning against his opponent in the single combat. He prays for God to pity him and ...

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