Making Better and Performed of Latex Sap Tree


In this research improved the performance of effect of the reduction or depilation of natural resource. In this investigation, the organic material with combine plant fibers with natural resins depending on an elastic material obtained from the latex sap of tree (LST) (caoutchouc), fiber wall fragments (FWF) were natural process. Furthermore, periodic motion redaction of an amplitude and natural O2obstacle properties latex sap of tree and conversion of unsaturated compound (CUC) mix together. Besides, alkyl radical (-C4H9) was used as marked the redaction of amplitude of an oscillation or gas obstacle materials.

Periodic motion reduction of amplitude and obstacle properties of the combine plant fibers involve fiber wall fragments was optimum with rise latex sap tree (LST) content. Especially, the study found that latex sap tree 50 and combines plant fibers holding 50pr. Fiber wall fragment has grate intensity of oscillating percid motion and reduction of amplitude characteristics than alkyl radical (-C4H9) combines plant fibers consisting to 50 phr sub acetylene.

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Keywords: Latex Sap Tree, Plant Walls, Periodic Motion, Redaction of Amplitude.


In the period of a year, the flow of continues production getting ride. Large industrial processes have prepared the way of personal lives and more coming together. However, decrease serially the abundance of natural resource has change critical gap existing state and desired state. The great significance manner to adders this gap is in every part of the substitution and natural resource with able to continue over a period of time biomass resource. Plant cell walls is one of the best existing biomass resource the world and it has less density 1.

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5 g/cm3than the other not used artificial chemical substance added to a product[1]. Extra factor, the plant cell walls as the wood it based on biomass dose not strive to opposition of food processing. There is a big size of biomass, which is not used up to now performing in Japan. For this, situation it is a major effect organic matter by product.

Therefore, one of achieving use of plant cell walls was perceived: fiber wall fragment (FWF). The FWF were processed by higher energy ball milling with a cutting aid as plant cell walls collection gathering slow down the activity [2]. In existing before, combine plant fiber content talcum powder matter. In periodic motion - redaction of amplitude and O2 obstacles properties[3]. Alkyl radical(-C4H9) has the highest quality periodic motion and redaction of amplitude properties as equally good result in addition gas obstacle properties.

As a result, alkyl radical(-C4H9) generally used as reduction of amplitude ring shaped rubber substance [4-6]. To give another fact, properties of latex sap of tree (LST) to be desired as much as possible actual doing for particular purpose, and mix to gather latex sap of tree (LST) and un saturated compound are used matrix more desirable the properties [7]. This research, as organic material combines plant fibers depending on LST and fiber walls fragment (FWF) was manufactured. In addition, for the purpose of development reduction of amplitude of an oscillation and O2 obstacle properties, LST mixed with combined un saturated compound (CUC) were also used. This divided from natural fibers where in relation to concerned material that made up of alkyl radical(-C4H9) and sub acetylene reached, combine plant fibers as reduction of amplitude material.


Materials: plant cell walls slender were produced from palm tree (W 400, Nippon paper chemicals Co., LTD., Japan). FWF were to get by higher energy ball milling plant by plant cell walls gathering slow down the activity. Figure (1) indicate focused micros coping electronics beam panting of fiber wall fragment. Scan in this imitate the fiber wall fragment (FWF) were small (FWF), same to talc, mica, etc. The normal amount of fiber wall fragment was near to 22?m. In addition, super absorption furnace carbon black (SEAST3, Tokai carbon Co., Ltd., Japan was used to add alkyl radical (-C4H9). The matrix LST was air dried sheets grade 1. Furthermore, conversion unsaturation compound (CUC) with mol 50 % epoxidation (latex sap of tree of unsaturated compound 50) of 70:30 mixed of LST conversion of un saturated compound -50 were used. Alkyl radical(AR)(-C4H9) was JSR Butyl 268 (JSR Co., Japan). The process of treating chemicals was as succeed: Zink oxide, satiric acid sulfur treating speed up the process (BBS, N- tert- butyl-2-benzothiazyl sulfonamide). In addition, extra treating speed up the process, (TMTD, Tetramethylthiuram disulfide) was for alkyl radical(-C4H9) combine plant fibers the prepared used in this research are perform in Table 1.

Table 1. Compounding formulations

Mixture phraLST LST (70) / CUC -50(30) CUC - 50 AR(-C4H9)LST 100.0 70.0 0.0 0.0

CUC 0.0 30.0 100.0 0.0

AR(-C4H9)0.0 0.0 0.0 100.0

Zink oxide 6.0 6.0 6.0 3.0

Satiric acid 0.5 0.5 0.5 1.0

Sulfur 3.5 3.5 3.5 1.75

BB Sb0.7 0.7 0.7 0.0

TMTDc0.0 0.0 0.0 1.0

FWF 0~ 500~ 500~ 500.0

aPhr is the abbreviation of weight parts per 100 weight parts rubber

BBS: N-tert-butyl-2-benzothiazyl sulfonamide

TMTD: Tetramethylthiuram disulfide

The processes of combine plant fiber. LST and FWF were boned with combination existing bonding (10C100 Labo Plastomill, Toyo Seiki Seisaku-sho, Ltd., Japan). The bonding imitation were indicate, image sensor is 0.7, combining temperature 60°C and speed of revolution is 30rpm. The combine time was determine decisive by mixed energy and its value is 1600MJ/m3. At the end, they were combined with FWF up to the value is achieved 1600MJ/m3. In addition, the combine of AR(-C4H9) element was to bring to depending on JISK 6396B (a combined mode is very small issue inside the mixed).

The process of the sheet of combine plant fiber. Thesheets of combine plant fiberswere produced by processing mold made. The size of sheet was arranged by using molds. The combine plant fibers were shaped using processing molding machine (NF-50 Automatic Molding press, Shinto Metal Ind.,Ltd., Japan ) at 150°C and 10 Map. Particular way of treatment time of particular rabber matrix at 150°C was desired using rubber matrix treatment (cureastometer V, Orientec Co., Ltd., Japan).

Periodic motion redaction of amplitude experiment. Periodic motion - redaction of amplitude experiments were brought to by reduction of amplitude test (Cantilever -beam reduction of amplitude test device, B&K) depending on JIS K 7391 (test mode for reduction of amplitude of an oscillation property in reduction of amplitude combined fiber beam of limited type ) with cantilever- beam particular, test species at 20°C . Test species were produced by combine together combined fiber sheet and stainless steel sheet with double-faced tapes (figure 2). The combined fiber sheet was 220 ?10 ?2 mm , and the steel sheet was260 ?10 ?1 mm attributes. The test don was to bring three species of individual combine fiber loss factor ? was formulation from repetition reply purpose by using the equation (1):

?=f2 - f1fo... (1)

Where fo is the resonance frequency, f1 and f2 are the frequencies that are three decibel smaller than the peak frequency response function value.

Gas imbuing experiment: - gas imbuing experiment were to bring for O2 at 20°Cwith a gas imbuing tester (GTR tester M-C3, Toyo Seiki Seisaku-sho, Ltd., Japan). The imbuing was divided in to smaller unit by mixed combine fiber sheet. The outer place was holding of oxygen, and the inner place was to remove. The gas obstacle properties of combine fiber were determining the value by transport flux in obstacle; unit 1[obstacle]10-10[ (cm2.s.cmHg)]. After that, the transport flux was ascertaining from amount of gas imbuing. The combine fiber sheets were 100mm in length, 100mm in width, 0.5mm in thickness. Distance from evaporation makeup of combine fiber sheet, they were put in no air drier at 60°C for 4 hours before estimation .Result

Periodic motion - Redaction of amplitude properties of combine fiber. Figure 3 indicate the plot of ? Vs fiber walls fragments (FWF) loading for FWF strengthened individualrubber matrix (LST,LST(70)/ CUC-50(30) CUC- 50) and ? of aimed consideration (AR (-C4H9), AR (-C4H9) - (B(50)). It was perceiving that loss factor greater with greater FWF better redaction of amplitude property of LST. On the other hand, better of LST based on combined fiber by join FWF was not self- sufficient, and ? of the combine fibers with natural resins (under 0.002)was much under than AR(-C4H9) (50) combine fiber ( approach 0.008). Addition of CUC to FWF better the periodic motion Redaction of amplitude properties. Curiosity, ? the CUC -50 /FWF combine fiber quickly make greater when FWF loading was 50phr.Addation of CUC able to improve the influence between FWF and matrix; for this reason ? the substance was additional better by adding CUC. Therefore, the (CUC)-50/FWF combine fiber to offer better than average reduction of amplitude properties. The AR(-C4H9)- CB (50) combine fiber . Points out the quality of combine plant fibers grow in this research the same number of particular purpose redaction of amplitude properties.


The special attention of this investigation was to learn functionality of the level wood pulp cell walls of plant filler (FWF). In our past result of research, the combine fiber comprehends FWF the same result to the combine fiber comprehend talc (or mica) small of piece in periodic motion Redaction of amplitude and O2 obstacle properties. To perform our specific result, we examine the change of replacing matrix rubber on the particularity of the combine fiber. therefore, periodic motion Reduction of amplitude and O2 obstacle properties of the combined fiber comprehend (FWF) was more with more CUC relevancy. Especially, we perceived that CUC-50 combine fiber holding 50 ph. FWF has greater than normal predictmotion Redaction of amplitude properties. Than AR (-C4H9) CB (50). This study, indicate that the acquired of redaction of amplitude substance.


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Updated: May 19, 2021
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