Making a Difference Essay

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Making a Difference

United States along with some other countries including England have focused their attention more towards an issue that seems to be disturbing them much more than that of Terrorism. The president of the United States has also said that this issue is having greater negative consequences as compared to the 9/11 attacks. Yes, it’s an issue of Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, where 4. 9 million barrels of oil has been tipped out of the underwater pipelines and covered thousands of miles of the Mexican Gulf.

It started off in April this year, when the oil rugs caught fire and were destroyed that also resulted in the shattering of the pipeline beneath the water surface. Of course, the consequences it has laid are severe that includes the contamination of water, threatening marine life, diseases are spreading among people who live by the shores, and most importantly, the tourism alongside such seas is minimizing. Of course, all the affected people and species can be helped by the citizens or other authorities to minimize the impact of downbeat outcomes.

The paper would discuss the ways we can help those affected by the disaster, and how can we make this world a better place. Ways of Helping Starting from the human beings who are affected, we can take those people offshore and provide them with temporary residency at a place that is far from the Mexican Gulf shores. It would definitely assist them in a way that the diseases would not entangle them, since the toxic material along with wastes produce toxic air that harms the immune system of people, especially pregnant women.

Talking about those who are already harmed and victimized by the diseases, medical camps can be set up in different areas of the city where people could come and get them treated without any cost. Several hospitals and clinics should play a dashing role by actively involving them in relieving the victims. But this is not it, those hospitals, clinics, or medical camps would not be able to work effectively if they lack funds; therefore, it is our responsibility to stand up at this alarming moment and serve the humanity by donating to the community welfare organizations, hospitals, and other NGO’s.

It can be done online too, since many websites of such NGO’s or welfare communities that offer the people to donate online. We spend unnecessarily in other stuff just for entertainment purposes, but here the people along with marine life are in danger and require our help. So it becomes our responsibility at this very moment to give those people a helping hand. There are many Food distributions to affected people can be made in terms of providing them with grocery, food, milk, water, and other hot-meals.

Moreover, giving them shelter would be quite appreciable since there are thousands of people of which all of them would not be accommodated by the welfare organizations. If shelter is not an option for us, then their clothing can be protected by offering them free clothes and dresses that are of no use to us anymore. Volunteers can take part in getting themselves trained for a few days, after which they would be involving themselves in the cleaning process carried out at the coast side.

Since the oil has spread to thousands of kilometers across the ocean, so the cleaning process would take a lot of time. Therefore, it would be better if more and more people participate in the cleaning process. As far as marine species are concerned, we cannot directly involve in saving them or bringing them home or sheltering them; nevertheless, what we can do is to donate money or some valuable equipments that might help in rescuing those species against the toxic oil.

Fisherman can be supported by donating them money because they have lost their business since the start of this disaster, and are facing lack of funds. Also, support can be done by providing them with food, clothing, or getting them some kind of job that can temporarily earn them bread and butter. Campaigns can be led by us in order to make people aware about the intensity of this disaster and bring them on a platform where they can donate and play their part as a responsible citizen.

A smarter way of doing so is to get the T-shirts printed and buy them, that may have slogan of ‘Save The Gulf Coast’ or ‘Save the Marine Life’ (Blackburn, 2010). Furthermore, internet can be used smartly here, where we can promote the issue and ask people for donation and help by using social networking websites such as, Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter, as a fundamental platform. Conclusion There is absolutely no doubt that we, the citizens, have gathered every time to work as a single unit and help the affected people, no matter what sort of disaster had happened.

This is another calling to us from those people where we should stand again and play our role decisively in providing them relief and make this world a better place. Works Cited Blackburn. B. Animals caught in Gulf Mexico of Oil Spill: How you can Help. ABC News. 4 June, 2010. Internet. Date accessed August 3, 2010. < http://abcnews. go. com/WN/gulf-mexico-oil-spill-animals-cleanup/story? id=10521929&page=1>

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