Makida’s dressmakers Essay

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Makida’s dressmakers

The Morrison’s on Binley road is not actually on Binley road it is actually on SKIPWORTH ROAD but it is referred to as being on the Binley road. Morrison’s have 378 stores around the UK and all of the stores are placed out of town centres. This is because the cost of lands outside the town centres are much more cheaper, land and government charges like business rates like council taxes are lower than the business rates in the town centres. Out of town retail parks are convenient to people who drive and they want to get away from town centre crowds.

The staff would be likely to live around the area they work. For example, if the employees work at the Morrison’s on the skipworth road, they would or should live close to the area so that they can get to work on time. If there are no jobs, the employees would have to be on the dole which means that they would rely on the government for money and they won’t pay taxes which would create problems for the government. Makida’s dressmakers Makida’s dressmakers is located on Oxford Street in central London.

The business is located in that area in London because it is the busiest street in London and would be affected by passing trade in a great deal. It is located close to other big businesses that sell clothes like DEBENHAMS, NEXT, H&M, and a whole host of others. This affects the business because all those other businesses are a competition to Makida’s dressmakers because their shops are bigger and flashier and so the customers don’t notice the business unless they come really close to that area.

There are roads linking Oxford Street but the roads are always blocked due to traffic congestion which is an advantage to Makida’s dressmakers so the customers can have a good look at what the business has to offer. Oxford street is highly populated which makes the area even more expensive for people to live in and makes it hard for Makida’s dressmakers to survive because of all the problems it has due to it’s smallness which still doesn’t affect the fact that it still has to pay higher business rates like council tax because it is in a famous area.

Makida’s dressmakers don’t employ too many staff because it is a small business but the staffs have to live around the area so that they don’t have difficulties getting to work on time. All these information is different from the information on Morrison’s because Morrison’s don’t have to pay much business rates like council tax because it is located in an out of town retail park also it is affected by passing trade a lot because it located on a commuter road.

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