Make Prejudice and Discrimination a Subject in School

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Make Prejudice and Discrimination a Subject in School

Because of the immigration in the world and the great assimilation that are in progress prejudices and discrimination are more important than never before. People need to learn from young ages that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what color your skin is, the only thing that matters is your personality and how you respond to other people.

Yesterday, in Stockholm, I was talking to my cousin and she told me that I never should live in Tensta because, according to her, it’s a very dangerous place because it only lives criminals there. Personally I’m sure that the majority of the people in Tensta are normal, nice people that never have done anything criminal – it’s only her prejudices that say something different.

I see every day how common prejudices are, my friends have prejudices, my family has prejudices and I, that see myself as a very prejudices free person, find sometimes that even I have some prejudices.

Discrimination is unfortunately also common in our society. A while ago I read a study that professors at the Linné university in Kalmar had written and it showed that the majority of the companies in Sweden discriminated people with Arabic names. If there were two persons with exactly the same qualities and experience in the study, and one of them was named Martin Johansson and the other Abd al Hakim only the first would be called to an interview while the second would be sorted away immediately.

But I think that it is easy to forget and that we have to remember that discrimination can work in every way – white against black, black against white, men against women, women against men, and so on. Therefore I believe that we have to work for a society that is equal on every scale.

I think that a way to solve the problem with prejudices and discrimination is to make it a main subject in school. In that way every kid in Sweden would get information about and be able to discus prejudices and discrimination every week from the age of 6 to 16. I believe that information and knowledge are the key to everything, and in this case the key to an equal society without prejudices and discrimination.


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