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Major Problem of teenagers today Essay

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Evangeline Pilar
Beed II-B
Informative Speech Plan
Title: Major Problem of teenagers today.
Specific Speech Purpose: To inform my engl.III audience what are the major problems of teenagers
Statement: There are 5 major problems of teenagers today.
I. .Attention Step: are you one of the teenagers who have a problem? You may program for it! In connection with this, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about the recent finding on the major problem of the teenagers today.

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II. Clarification Step:

I. Internet and Gaming Addiction
a. Younger generations, unlike their parents’ generations, often socialize, hang out, and communicate online, rather than in person. They prefer to text rather than talk on the phone, and often prefer to socialize on Twitter or Facebook rather than in the local bar, on the street or at the town square.

b. The digital divide: The younger generation has been referred to as being one of “Digital Natives” while the older generation has been referred to as one of “Digital Immigrants.

c. Unlike the older generation, young people are highly capable of effective multitasking, which is sometimes seen by the older generation as a lack of attention and focus.

d. Some young people spend much too much time in front of a computer screen, spending up to 20 hours a day, seven days a week.

e. Spending countless hours a day, every day, on gaming or perusing the Internet can interfere with young people’s emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual development.

II. Violence In Media
a. T.V. influences behavior. If it didn’t, Nike, Budweiser, Pepsi, etc. would not invest billions of dollars in advertisements. b. Violence on T.V.
occurs in most programs and even more so, in cartoons. III. Bullying Online and At School

a. Bullying is an ongoing pattern of harassment and abuse. It can be done directly by physical or verbal attacks or indirectly by exclusion, spreading rumors, etc.

b. Cyberbullying is a growing problem among Middle and High School aged students. While it also occurs among College-aged students, for the most part young people have matured past cyberbullying at that point

c. Bullies seek power through aggression and direct their attacks at vulnerable victims. In-person bullies often lose their popularity in high school and have a high likelihood of having a criminal record as adults. IV. Violent Culture

a. There is a direct link between the way in which we use power with our children, our significant others, our neighbors and our environment and what we teach our children about violence. b. Cultures in which young children regularly receive loving touch have lower incidents of violent crimes. V. Violence At Home

a. One of the main reasons that children become violent is because they are exposed to violence in their own homes, whether it is directed towards them or towards others.

b. Violence at home can be of a physical nature, or it can be expressed verbally or through neglect and abandonment. Abusive homes and violent neighborhoods are stronger predictors of adult violent behavior than violence in the media. Most abusive parents were physically or sexually abused as children.

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