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Major League Baseball

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Major League Baseball:  An Accomplished Baseball Organization

Major League baseball is actually a professional baseball organization that is formed from the National League and American League. Presently, 30 teams are included in MLB which is divided into three divisions i.e., East, Central, and West. Before 2000, National and American league, both were different terms. Earlier, baseball was founded in Cincinnati in 1869. The first decades of this professional game were characterized by rivalries between leagues and the players who jumped from one team to another.

The time-period before 1920 was known as the dead-ball era because players rarely hit homes during this time. The popularity of Major League Baseball rise in 1920 after World War II. The most surprising thing about MLB is that it has the record of highest season attendance of sports league in the world as currently there exist more than 69.6 million spectators. Rob Manfred is the chief executive of MLB while the Chief Operation Officer is Tony Petitti. Presently, MLB composed of 30 teams (1 in Canada and 29 in the US).

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American League


  1. Baltimore Orioles
  2. Boston Red Sox
  3. New York Yankees
  4. Tampa Bay Rays
  5. Toronto Blue Jays


  1. Chicago White Sox
  2. Cleveland Indians
  3. Detroit Tigers
  4. Kansas City Royals
  5. Minnesota Twins


  1. Houston Astros
  2. Los Angeles Angels
  3. Oakland Athletics
  4. Seattle Mariners
  5. Texas Rangers

National League


  1. Atlanta Braves
  2. Miami Marlins
  3. New York Mets
  4. Philadelphia Phillies
  5. Washington Nationals


  1. Milwaukee Brewers
  2. Pittsburg Pirates
  3. St.Louis Cardinals


  1. Arizona Diamondbacks
  2. Colorado Rockies
  3. Los Angeles Dodgers
  4. San Diego Padres
  5. San Francisco Giants

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Let’s have a look at the products of Major League Baseball for 2019-2020 :

Philadelphia Phillies Dream Lights Pillow

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Philadelphia Eagles Pillow Pets Dream Light

If you want to make sleeping time fun for your kid then Philadelphia Eagles pillow pets dream light is the pre-eminent option for you. When you press the button, it projects a starry sky on the ceiling and walls. With this Philadelphia Eagles, pillow pets dream light, you can easily create a tranquil environment that will provide restful sleep to your kids. The product is highly durable and comprises of dimensions i.e., 27.9 x 16.8 x 15 cm.

New York Yankees Slogans Scarf

Showcase your love towards your dearest MLB team with this New York Yankees Slogans scarf. Take your loyalty to the next level with this trendy New York Yankee’s slogans scarf. So, why to think more? Just boost your New York Yankees to victory with style and elegance. This scarf is specially designed for New York Yankees fans that keep their true fandom and style on display.

Toronto Blue Jays Earbuds

These earphones come in lightweight design and provide professional quality audio along with excellent noise isolation. Keep your team enthusiasm close at hand wherever you go with Toronto blue jays earbuds. These earbuds are specially designed to meet the needs of Toronto Blue fans. The earbuds use dedicated woofer and tweeter drivers with an in-line crossover to deliver precise high-end, natural mid-range, and full bass with terrific clarity and detail. 3.5mm stereo mini-plug for wide compatibility. The earphones fit snugly in the ear for a comfortable, stable fit. If you are willing to purchase Toronto blue jays earbuds then visit

New York Yankees Car Seat Covers

Cover your car seat with New York Yankees seat covers and showcase your team pride. The foremost thing about this seat cover is that it fits most bucket car seats and also have back-straps for a more secure fit. So, its time to ride in style and protect your seat with New York Yankees seat covers. This car seat made out of a durable poly-velour material and features an embroidered team logo of New York Yankees. The seat cover is stain resistant and fits most seats with changeable head rests.

New York Yankees Logo Script Tee

If you are true New York Yankees then you must have this New York Yankees logo script Tee in your wardrobe. You can pair this Tee with any casual outfit and show your support towards the New York Yankees. On the front of this tee, there is a high quality raised embroidered team logo. Shop online this fabulous New York Yankees logo script Tee from Fantreasures and showcase your spirit.

Philadelphia Phillies Pennant

This Philadelphia Phillies pennant is great to display on interior walls of home, office and party decorations. These pennants are single-sided screen printed. Cheer on your favorite team i.e., Philadelphia Phillies and express your pride! This Phillies pennant is decorated with eye-catching graphics, vibrantly colored embroidery that enhances its appearance. The measurements of this pendant are 13″ tall x 32″ wide. Show your Philadelphia Phillips pride on game day with a Philadelphia Phillies Pennants that you can purchase online from Fantreasures.

New York Yankees Toaster

Its time to add team spirit to your breakfast with this New York Yankees Toaster. This toaster toasts your best-loved baseball team’s logo (New York Yankees) right onto your bread. Although, the logo is also featured on the outside of the toaster whose measurements are 7″ H x 6″ W x 10″ D. The extraordinary thing is you can use this toaster for frozen waffles, English muffins, and toaster pastries. New York Yankee’s toaster comprises of various features i.e., a cool touch housing, auto-popup, automatic/manual off switch, cord storage, and anti-slip rubber feet.

Green Bay Packers Window Decal Sticker

This Green Bay Packers Window Decal Sticker is perfect for car or truck windows, laptops, hard hats, bumper and many more. It is the perfect gift that you can gift to Green Bay Packers fans. The sports lovers can install this decal sticker on any hard smooth surface, window, body side panel, trunk lid, hood, laptop, mirror, toolbox, etc. To purchase this Green Bay Packers Window Decal Sticker, visit Fantreasures.

Forever Collectables Pitt Frog

Support MLB team in style with this Forever Collectibles Pitt Frog. The item is properly decorated with clothing and accessories unique to the team. It exactly looks like a frog and a perfect gift for New York Yankees fans. Make your gaming experience extraordinary with this Pitt Frog that you can easily purchase from at highly discounted rates. Hurry up! Before it gets too late.

New York Yankees Window Decals

Get ready for game day and show your New York Yankees pride with the premier Window Decals. The decal is die cut and is weather resistant long lasting with vibrant colors premium grade outdoor vinyl with self-adhesive backing. You can apply New York Yankees Window Decals to your automobiles window, motorcycle, boat, snowboard, skateboard, surfboard, or any other smooth surface that you want to decorate.

MLB Standings Board

Cheer on your team with MLB Standings Board and express your pride. The item includes a magnetic standing board that is made of a lithographed tin and is framed as well as ready to hang. If you are a real baseball enthusiast then complete your MLB collection with MLB Standings Board. Stay up to date with MLB standings with this Magnetic board whose dimensions are 13.5″ x 18.5″.

MLB Magnetic Standings Board

Keep track of the Major League Baseball standings all season long with this unique MLB magnetic standings board. This playoff board is made of lithographed tin. You can keep track of every team’s regular season record and post all playoff series game scores with the help of dry erase pen that comes along with this Baseball Standings board. This magnetic board comes with 2 pennant magnets for every team, overall, it looks goods and useful for fans of all ages.

Baltimore Orioles Scoreboard Clock

Shop online Baltimore Orioles Scoreboard Clock from This is a weather-resistant Scoreboard clock that shows the time, date and temperature. The Scoreboards and their up to date logos and designs are a unique addition for the home and office. The measurements of Baltimore Orioles Scoreboard Clock are 19″x14″x2″.

Philadelphia Phillies Pillow Pets With Lights

Buy Philadelphia Phillie’s pillow pets with lights from Fantreasures online. You can also gift Philadelphia Phillie’s pillow pets to children. If you are looking for special accessories for Philadelphia Phillies then this is the perfect item for you that you can purchase from at cheap prices. It is a plush pillow that comes with foam filling and has measurements 55.9 x 30.5 x 26.7 cm.

Boston Red Sox Rug

Show your team pride and add style to your tailgating party with Boston Red Sox Rug that is made from 100% nylon carpet and non-skid Duragon latex backing. The dimensions of this Boston Red Sox Rug are 30×18 x 4.8 inches. Well, the rug looks extremely attractive and even perfect for wall hanging. So, add the perfect touch to show off fandom with Boston Red Sox Rug. Needless to say, the bold graphics of this item make this rug a must have for youngsters.

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