Major Intended for The Future Essay

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Major Intended for The Future

The past year and eartly months of 2009 had put the world in a bind. The Financial recession had been experienced all over the world. America had seen this through the collapse of real estate market which had caused bonds problems. The bank and the government of America had been trying to create appropriate solutions but unfortunately it has been unsuccessful. In effect, lots of companies had been affected. Alarming news had been heard last September 14, 2008. Lehman Brothers had announced their bankruptcy. As we all know, the company had existed in America for 158 years.

This is considered to be one of the biggest banks in the country. How did these things happen? It is all related to the economy of the country and this is where my intended major comes in. I chose Economics as my major to further understand why things like this happen. Being an economist had been a dream when I was in my ninth grade. I like to study economics because this could help me know more about society, and it would also help in enhancing my analysis skills for the future. For me, the economics controls society. When the economy rises, the customers’ purchasing power also increases.

Hand in hand with this, when economy goes down, consumers’ purchasing power goes down as well. This only shows that the economy dictates what the society can afford to lose. It becomes the center of the society’s purchasing power. In effect, to know society, one must understand how the economy is. The study of economics also helps improve one’s thinking. The economy changes every now and then. In conclusion, the study of economics requires heavy analysis. During these times of financial crisis, economists need to find methods on how to change society’s state of play. As I’ve narrated awhile ago, the real estate market is going down.

The economists and government must find different policies to reduce the property problem. By being one of the economists, it would greatly provide help in society by creating solutions to the problem that is being faced. Through studying Economics, there are lots of options for the future. It would greatly give big job opportunities for anyone who would study it. An Economics graduate could become involved in Investment of Assets, Marketing, Managing and Financing. As a conclusion, by choosing Economics as a major it would help me understand society, enhance my analysis skills and give me good opportunities for the future.

I had volunteered in a disaster exercise and I found it quite refreshingly fun. There were around twenty people who joined the event. I was given the character of a pregnant lady in a disaster. I played the part where I must get in the ambulance and the staff inside the ambulance would ask me for information about how I was feeling. I told the staff that I am pregnant. They then asked how long was I pregnant. I replied about thirty six months. The reply that I got from them was “That’s why you need to go to the hospital.

The scene was supposed to be dramatic but it turned out to be a very funny one. We kept on laughing on the ambulance. It had become a very wonderful experience. This activity had taught me how to face disaster. It gave me insights that a person must keep calm and tell the person assisting you the things that had happened clearly. If one panics, nothing can be solved. No one would be able to help. This can also be applied to what is happening now. The government and the economists must stay calm and think things through before doing anything to solve the problem of financial crisis.

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