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Major Depressive Disorder: Dangerous

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (596 words)
Categories: Disorder
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Depression. It’s such a harsh word, but everybody has a specific feeling about this topic. It’s almost never pretty or easy to hear about, and if you can not be open minded about it, then i suggest you continue on to the next blog and dont read mine. If you can be open minded, then all i can say is be prepared because i’m about to take you on the rollercoaster that’s my feelings and thoughts towards depression.

Depression is a hard topic to talk about, but it’s also very common. I remember in my one class, we spoke of a current event. A young boy had commited suicide, most of the class could not understand how or why somebody could even believe that it was the only option and struggled to understand how it was even an option to begin with in somebodys mind. Well, let me explain how that may be an option. Depression. it’s an ugly reality. let me just throw some numbers in the mix. Two years ago, ONLY TWO YEARS AGO, over 16.1 MILLION americans had a disease known as Major Depressive Disorder. 16.1 MILLION PEOPLE. With high depression rates, comes high suicide rate. A person commits suicide every 12 MINUTES in the United States. That is about 123 people, PER DAY. THERE ARE 25 ATTEMPTS FOR EVERY 1 SUICIDE.

To those kids who sit there and say ‘ i dont understand what the point is’, please understand that is is a real thing and it’s not uncommon. People think it’s their only option, the person sitting in the chair beside you may suffer from depression or suicidal thoughts. There may be a kid sitting in the room with you who that one statement could totally set off and make them feel like it doesnt matter and that they are wrong for feeling the way they feel. THEY ARE NOT WRONG AND THEIR FEELINGS ARE NOT IRRELEVANT. They feel how they feel for a reason, and that reason is important. .

I suffer from depression. I used to believe that it did not matter because I am only one person, but in reality it matters. The feelings and the thoughts, they do tear a person apart. To those people who dont understand how suicide could ever be an option, sometimes it feels like it may be the only option. When your mind is constantly telling you that you dont matter, you’re not good enough, your feelings are irrelevant, nobody could ever love you, EVERYBODY WOULD BE BETTER WITHOUT YOU, it gets hard to continue to fight and to find the good in the world. It makes it so hard to believe that EVERY ONE OF THOSE THOUGHTS ARE LIES, They can get a person to the point that they just rather not wake up in the morning than have to hear those thoughts over and over all day every day.

Depression is a nightmare that comes true and follows you no matter where you go, because it’s in your body. It makes simple everyday things so much harder. it controls you. DEPRESSION CHANGES WHO YOU ARE. So please, before you make a mean comment to somebody, think. Before you try to just make somebody seem inferior, think. Before you decide to not listen to somebody or make them believe that you are better than them, think. Depression is a real thing and a daily struggle. Your smile, friendship, or positive word could be the reason somebody sees another day. If you would like to understand better feel free to click here.

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Major Depressive Disorder: Dangerous. (2020, May 24). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/major-depressive-disorder-dangerous-essay

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