Maintaining Records Essay

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Maintaining Records

Ensure you know your companies policies for maintain records. Do they have certain ways of doing things i.e. writing in black etc. Also ensure the information is easy to read.
Do not use abbreviations unless you state what they mean.
Always be aware of confidentiality.
Make sure each record is signed and dated.
Keep each record in some kind of order i.e. Alphabetical, numeric, or use an identification code for each individual to make it easier to find the individuals records. Make sure every piece of paperwork is in date order so it is easy to look for. If there are any options to be given make sure there is evidence to back this up. Try to make sure you finish the piece of work before your shift finishes.

When the records are finished with they must be stored away somewhere safe and locked away, If you need to leave your desk and are working on someone records you must put them away securely first. Always remember the confidentiality data protection act.

When reading people information or writing about them always make sure you do it in a place where no one can read over your shoulder or see what records you have. Ask not to be disturbed while you are updating records.

If the records are on a computer then you must make sure all the information is accurate and saved in the right place. The PC must be password locked and have an antivirus. If you use a USB then it must be protected and supplied from your company and have your managers approval.

Task A
AiIdentify four key pieces of Legislation or Codes of Practice relating to handling information in social care settings. Data Protection Act 1998 – this Act is to protect the data on each individual and ensures confidentiality is kept. Freedom of Information Act 2000 – A person can ask to look at the information kept on them if they want to read it. Care Standards Act – this ensure all information is correct and stored away securely. Health and Social Care Act. – This ensures that all information regarding to health and social care is treated appropriately and by the relevant people.

AiiExplain how legislation requirements and codes of practice affect the day to day work of a social care worker in relation to handling information. The requirements ensure that Social Care workers handle all information in an accurate and confidential manner. Safeguarding is an important part of the job as it could contain a person’s personal information. This has to be dealt with in a professional manner and requirements are there to make sure everyone follows them even during their personal time. At no given time should any information be discussed about a person’s information unless it is to a person relevant to the job. A social care worker has to be mindful of everything they say, write, document and share to ensure the legal requirements are followed. The requirements are they to ensure information is always kept confidential even when inputting onto a computer which is why passwords are always needed to ensure security.

AiiiExplain two ways of helping other practitioners to understand the importance of handling information securely.

1. I would help others by explaining what would happen if they did not handle information the correct way. An example of this could be if someone was to get hold of bank details then they could steal money. People may judge if the find out information they do not like. You could be fined heavily or go to jail for breach of information. Giving them a copy of the Legislation policies would also be helpful.

2. I would show other practitioners how I handle all information and how I would make sure it was safely stored once I had finished with it. AivExplain two ways of helping other practitioners to understand the different systems used to record information in adult social care settings.

1. I would provide information on the two ways they can record all their data. The first would be about storing records manually. This would be in a secure place where only the relevant people can gain access.

2. Second would be by storing information electronically. I would ensure that they understood that to make this safe they have to have a password on the computer which should be changed regularly and an anti-virus should be placed in the computer system.

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