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Citizen Involvement Program

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (380 words)
Categories: Citizenship, City, Transportation
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Establish cooperative agreements to address transportation based planning, development, operation and maintenance.

Minimize the impact of regional traffic on the local transportation system.

Maximize pedestrian, bicycle and other non-motorized travel throughout the City:

  • Pedestrian and vehicular access to the river
  • Safe bicycle and pedestrian access to and across the bypass

Minimize the capital improvement and community costs to implement the transportation plan:

Maintain the viability of existing rail, water and sir transportation systems.

Minimize the negative impact of a Highway 99 bypass on the Newberg community:

  • Enhanced pedestrian/cyclist environment on streets leading to the Riverfront; where possible, provide a pedestrian/cyclist connection between downtown and the Riverfront District.
  • Location, route & design (including amenities) of pedestrian/bike trails, streets, and rail lines across the Bypass.

  • Pedestrian friendly amenities for transportation routes within and connecting to the Riverfront District.
  • Consideration of a below-grade Bypass alignment through the Riverfront District.
  • Measures to minimize noise in adjacent residential, tourist commercial and recreational areas.

In summary, the City finds that ODOT has considered and assessed the City’s objectives and approaches for Newberg’s riverfront through the Area DEIS and within the assessment of elective passages. An at-grade crossing point to serve the Riverfront Locale was particularly considered as an elective within the LDEIS. The Adjusted 3J hallway by and large parallels 11 Road between Winooski Road and College Road. The southerly move of the passage does bisect the undeveloped low-density and medium-density private zones within the Riverfront Locale.

In any case, on adjust, the City finds that this move within the hallway may be suitable decrease the negative impacts of the bypass on existing neighborhoods in south Newberg. The next phase of the project will provide opportunities for City of Newberg input and more detailed consideration of Riverfront policies summarized above that more specifically related to design consistent with commitments included in the IGA between Newberg and ODOT. We find that with the agreement and planning process in place, these Riverfront Policies have been adequately addressed. Accordingly, the City finds that either Modified 3J to be consistent with its plans.

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