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Mahindra project report Essay

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After concrete efforts of our Management, the students of Kohinoor Management School got this esteemed opportunity to have an Industrial visit to a prestigious company like Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. We appreciate the efforts of the management of KMS & M&M for executing this successful Industrial trip.

Introduction to Mahindra:
Mahindra & Mahindra Limited is the flagship company of the Mahindra Group, a multinational conglomerate based in Mumbai, India. The company was set up in 1945 in Ludhiana as Mahindra by brothers K.

C. Mahindra and J.C. Mahindra. Mahindra & Mahindra is a major automobile manufacturer of tractors, utility vehicles, passenger cars, pickups, commercial vehicles; its tractors are sold on six continents.

It has acquired plants in China and the United Kingdom, and has three assembly plants in the USA. M&M has a global presence and its products are exported to several countries.

Its global subsidiaries include Mahindra Europe Srl. based in Italy, Mahindra USA Inc., Mahindra South Africa and Mahindra (China) Tractor Co.

Ltd. M&M is one of the leading tractor brands in the world by volume. It is also the largest manufacturer of tractors in India with sustained market leadership of over 25 years. It designs, develops, manufactures, and markets tractors as well as farm implements.

The Journey Begins….
We reached the Mahindra plant at Kandivali, Mumbai. We headed to the Conference room and were briefed about the Company by a presentation on the leadership and the entire group of M&M followed by the Q & A Session which lasted for an hour.

The honors were done none other than Mr. Shirish Tawde, the Deputy General Manager (DGM) of the Company. Accompanying him were Mr. Kishor Sonawane (Manger – Business Excellence), Rajendra Sawant (Sr. Manager Business Excellence), Mr. Mahesh Dalvi (Manager – Business Excellence, Sector Sustainability). With such dignitaries explaining us the world of M&M, we were just as grateful.

This plant mainly deals in manufacturing of Tractors and Farm Equipments. The plant is one of the oldest manufacturing plants in the production of tractors in India.

After decades in leading the tractor sector M&M have diversified into the roots of farming and have positioned themselves in the Farm Sector. After being briefed through the introduction of M&M plant, we were about to explore the India’s most Prestigious Companies.

We were divided into 2 groups of 15 people so as to have individual attention . We visited 3 units of the plant right from examination of engine parts, assembling of engine and main manufacturing of tractors. They manufacture 2,00,000 tractors annually. The FES contributes 35% market share.

Hands on approach to Production (where theory
meets practical):
Each Group was taken separately and explained functioning of the plant. A lot of theory is learnt is class regarding how the manufacturing units focus on Total Productivity, Total Quality, Zero Defect, etc…but by far this was the first hands on experience on how does a Manufacturing unit or plant works.

Here we are explained about
how the
works. This section of the plant
deals with the installation of
the main engine of
tractor. In this picture we are
introduced to how the stations
work in
co-ordination to
get optimum results.

In the pictures below, the students are taken through a complete channel of stations on the assembly station and the supervisor explaining each of this complicated process. The lag or lead time is calculated and each one at every station tries to improve on it so as to reduce the time effect in assembling each engine.

The units where tractors are manufactured in assembly lines follow Total Quality Management (TQM) and Total Productivity Management (TPM). Every sub-unit contributes to the production. They avoid material handling losses with pulleys and fork-lifts.

All these techniques add value to the production. Indeed there is no surprise they improve their quality and reduce time with ever unit of production of tractor.

Here, we are shown how the final tractors are put in place

Students Opinion:
Kohinoor Management School gave us the Golden Opportunity to visit the
Mahindra and Mahindra plant at Kandivali. It was a great experience to know the organization internally. They are successful enough to balance between Business Excellence and Individual Dignity. Their main focus on farm tech prosperity is what like me a lot, as agriculture is the base of the Indian Economy.

-Pratibha Shinde.
Visit to the M & M was an eye-opener. The journey unfolded various aspect of the tractor division. Starting from the nuts and bolts, the engine, to the massive structure which forms the backbone of the Indian farms and agricultural sector.

The gains or the take away from the visit were splendid. The use of Japanese technology in the assembly line, the step by step process layout, the plan B; the vision of always staying ahead were the insights. Lots of management mantras were demonstrated and inculcated. A great learning and an honour to see the invasion of the GREAT INDIAN TRACTOR DIVISION.

-Yogendra Joshi.

It was my first Industrial visit to any manufacturing plant and enjoyed every bit of it. To be a part of such an esteemed organization and having a look through all their process was an intriguing experience after all. -Shraddha Salunke

On behalf of all the Management and the students we take this opportunity to thank the entire team of Mahindra and Mahindra for providing us with the practical information and well as wonderful hospitality. We take moment to offer our greetings to the entire Mahindra and Mahindra team.

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