Mahatma Gandhi and how he changed the world

Gandhi was one of the most peaceful people to ever set foot on earth, even in today’s age Gandhi is still a role model to many people. Mahatma Gandhi, but many other people refer to him as “The Great Souled One” . He was born on October 2, 1869. He was born into a vegetarian family. Gandhi’s father was a political figure in Porbandar and his mother was very religious, she was also a devoted practitioner of Vaishnavism. At the age of 19 Gandhi decided to go to the Inner Temple of London to study Law.

After Gandhi returned to India in 1891, he tried to set up a practice in law but unfortunately he had little to no luck. Mohandas then got a job with a Indian firm that sent him and his wife Kasturbai and their children to South Africa where they would spend nearly 20 years. Mahatma Gandhi was a nonviolent activist who changed the world by fighting for what he believes in and also the rights of himself and others.

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While going into South Africa Gandhi experienced discrimination by which he was in dismay about. Gandhi has had many insectes where he has felt and experienced discrimination, for instance when he was on a train voyage to Pretoria, Gandhi refused to get up for a Eupopean passenger which he ended up gettting thrown out of the first class raliway compartment and was beaten up by the white stagecoach driver. This event really helped Gandhi start his nonviolent ways to try and stop the disctimination in India.

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Gandhi has had a lot of different types of riots and all of them had been peaceful. Mohandas has also had some marchs to stop certain projects that were in place by the British rule and were not fair. Furthermore, The Salt March is one of Gandhi’s most well known marches. The Salt March is where Gandhi and a lot of others marched for the tax on salt to be dropped, so in this rule the British had charged the people of India a tax for the purchase of salt. Moreover during the march a lot of people were on Gandhi’s side and even marched alongside him to push pressure against the tax on salt ( editors).

The Salt March started on March 12, 1930, they started to march through what is now the Indian State of Gujarat and kept on marching for 240 miles to the Arabian Sea. There was a salt plantation at the shore of The Arabian Sea, so their goal was to get there and protest. On the way through their journey they stopped by villages and stopped by other small towns or markets to buy supplies and even to rest during the night time. This march lasted 24 days from March 12 to April 6 1930, when they got to the plantation on the shore Gandhi picked up some salt in his hands, yet to the British rule this was one of the rules broken was the production of salt, so by picking up some salt he was in the in rules case in the process of producing salt. No one was arrested that day and the march lasted for the next two months. Gandhi continued to put pressure on the British rule for the tax on salt even after the march had ended. Gandhi had an impact on many people like a poet named Sarojini Naidu. Naidu even had his own marches on the salt works with 2,500 people who marched peacefully, even though they were marched peacefully they were still attacked by the police. At the end of the year an outstanding 60,000 people were detained by the police and were even thrown in jail (Pletcher ).

Gandhi had a lot of occupation from being a Lawyer and also a Political Campaigner and much more, even though he had all of these through his lifetime his main goal and job was as an activist. He was an activist for a genre of things that included a peace activist, Civil Rights, and other activist jobs. He was also in the fight to stop sargation in South America. Gandhi has had issues with the sargation in South America and knows what it feels like to be hatefully discriminated against by a group of people.

Gandhi had also been involved with the gain for India’s Independence from Great Britain, as World War II raged on Great Britain felt themselves engulfed in the War. That was the best opportunity for Gandhi to push for the “Quit India” movement that wanted British to immediately withdraw from the country. Gandhi was detained in August of 1942 by the British along with his wife and other leaders of India’s National Congress. As Gandhi’s health was on the decline he only spent 19 months in jail and was released in 1944. In 1945 the Labor party deafened Churchill’s conservation in the British election, and this started the negotiations about the Independence of India. As normal Gandhi had an important role in the negotiations but he could not prevail to make India a free place. As time went on violence broke out between Hindus and Muslims, and this happened before the Independence of India took place. Gandhi toured places where people rioted and tried to appeal for peace and try to end the massacre. It went so far as the Hindus even thought of Gandhi as a traitor and that he was sympathetic towards the Muslims and their religion ( editors).

Gandhi had some very inspirational quotes, here are two that are very kind and inspirational quotes that Gandhi has said. “In a Gentle way, you can shake the world”( “Top 20 most inspiring Mahatma Gandhi quotes”). Here is another quote that is really wholesome, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony” ( “Top 20 most inspiring Mahatma Gandhi quotes”). Gandhi has always had a way with words and how he uses them peacefully to achieve a new well being for everyone who is being affected by the problem or is causing the problem. Gandhi really showed many famous and political figures how they can still make a vast impact while being peaceful and not having a violence nature ( Goalcast ).

The impact that Gandhi left on the world was vast , but the impact he made in India is even more vast that India gave Gandhi his own national Holiday. Gandhi has his own national holiday which is on October 2, and the day commences with prayers at multiple temples and other places. The day then goes on to do more prayers and there is a law where no alcohol is not authorized on this day. Gandhi changed a lot for places like India to help lift the laws and legislation of the opposing threats to the people that were unfair.(

The life of Gandhi has shaped the lives of many major figures like Martin Luther King Jr.. Although they never had a chance to meet, King learned of Gandhi through writings and even when King took a trip to India in 1959. King really was inspired by how Gandhi had a nonviolent tone in the way he protested and King had a nonviolent tone too maybe he could help to the magnitude that Gandhi had helped people with. Gandhi had a massive impact not only in India and South America but even here in the United States of America where Gandhi really did not have an impact in any catastrophic, but still changed it for the better.(Little)

The “Great Souled One” known as Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by a firearm. Gandhi passed away on January 30, 1948 when he was 78 years of age. The man who assassinated Gandhi was Nathuram Godse who was unpleased with Gandhi’s tolerance with the Muslim culture and people. The weapon that killed Gandhi was a semiautomatic pistol which was used from point-blank range and caused three wounds into Gandhi’s chest area. The punishment that Godse and other very close conspirators were sentenced to be hanged in the month of November in the year 1949 and yet some of them even got life in prison and were not sentenced to be hung.( )

Mahatma Gandhi was a nonviolent activist who changed the world by fighting for what he believed in and also the rights for himself and others. Conclusion Mahatma Gandhi was a person who approached almost every situation in a nonviolent way that most people back 1800’s and the early 1900’s could not even think of. A very passionate Gandhi even inspired a very famous activist named Martin Luther King Jr., even though King never met Gandhi, Gandhi still had an impact on a cause that was not even affecting him, but to inspire a man who went on and helped out a cause after your death is really memorable. Gandhi had also had some very inspirational quotes, these quotes will make you feel like you are a hero and can not be stopped in any way. If you have the passion and the drive to succeed then take your shot and help as you want, but at the end of the day you will feel proud that you helped carry on Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy. The passion Gandhi would have been off the charts if we were back in his timeline and just experienced the troubles he went though and how he helped out people they put Gandhi on a pedestal. The people that Gandhi helped really appreciated his infunce and his will power to help out a community that was in the same struggle as he was in.

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