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From an ordinary Emirati girl at a government school to a high-flying diplomat, Maha Yaqoob Juma is proud to represent her country at the United Nations in New York.

Maha Yaqoob an Emirati girl was born and raised in Dubai. She come from a very typical background. Maha’s childhood was regular that she went to a government school not a private school. After completing her high school Maha went to Zayed university and graduated in 2014. She also completed her master at Zayed university in 2016.

When she graduated from high school she was interested in business. Therefore, her mother was the greatest influencer for Maha that she influences her to start a business so Maha became an entrepreneur and had her own salon.

Before graduation maha did her internship at the Boeing company in Seattle, USA. she was the first Emirati was chosen to do her internship there for 6 months, so she felt that she will represent her country there. After graduation and going to Seattle Maha moved to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and became a member of local stuff.

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Later on, Maha moved to New York temporarily for 4 months to support their mission that is the UAE permanent mission to the United Nations in New York. She served them for 4 months then the ambassador invited her to join permanently for 4 years.

Maha faced a lot of challenges due to her career like wen she has to negotiate with other partners since it takes time, energy and persuasion. When she was student at Zayed university she was forced to read.

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At the begging Maha felt it is bored for her, so she thinks it is real challenge. Hiding emotions was hard for Maha because she is very honest with others and her face says everything.

Maha Juma has a lot of achievement in her life such as going to Seattle and represent her country. Moreover, when she went to New York as a part of the mission to the UN since they don’t usually take juniors consequently Maha think this is one of her greatest achievement while she is a diplomate.

No word can describe how Maha is, but we can say that she is brave because she took steps that were scary for her family and her to travel alone to New York and reach her goal without danger and learning how to cook and look after herself. Maha also an ambitious woman since she doesn’t stop in one stage, she completes with a high moral not with a negative moral.

Maha is a successful woman that she wants all the women to become like her and she is a great role model for us, “My advice is to work hard and study, the courses add a lot to your life.” She said.

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