Magnificence. The story about Vicente Essay

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Magnificence. The story about Vicente

The story was all about Vicente, the bus conductor and the tutor of the two children in a village. (paragraph 2) says, The girl at the age of seven and the boy at the age of eight ,simply tells us that there was a seven and eight year old child in the story. At the start of the story we could clearly see how the family and the mother (who is the president of their own village) trusted the conductor that’s why in the first paragraph of the story, it says, “there was nothing to fear.” Victor was characterized as a gentle and kind. He was a dark little man whose voice is soft and calm in manners.

This is the contrast to the characterization of the mother because she is tall and she spoke in a voice of very low, and very heavy. This emphasizes the darkness of Victor and the magnificence of the mother. While I was reading the story I saw the paragraph 6-8 and we can clearly see in this paragraph (that there was something strange or wrong in the motive of Victor for the little girl because he slapped the boy and started to say “boys don’t kiss boys”.the idea that Victor gives so much favour to the girl by giving her 3 pencils and by doting on her (paragraph 12) got my attention. While (paragraph 18) gives me an instinct to create personal judgment that Victor abuses the childhood of the little girl.

The paragraph 23 says, “ his face was all in sweat, and his eyes looked very strange, and he indicated to her that she must not turn around, attend to the homework she was writing.” this paragraph gives me a final conclusion of the whole story that Victor really likes the little girl. At the end of the story in (paragraph 36) the story tells us how the mothers raise their hands against the abuse of males. It implies that a women or a lady ought to be respected even if they are still young at age that’s why in (paragraph 40) the mother says, “take a bath quickly”. That means to say, to cleanse from all filthiness and stain that she received from Victor, the conductor. In (paragraph 41) the mother soaped her and wiped her gently all over because the story wants to teach us a lesson. That being a woman or as a lady we must preserve our purity and that we must be against from the abuse of males.

There are times that we feel that the person is trustworthy but sadly they were not. Trust is gained. While reading the story only three subject matters revolved in my mind. The trust that we must gain, the dignity/respect that a lady must have and the heroic act or magnificent role of the mother in raising their kids these are the important lesson that we must get from the story. Trust can only be gain by the people who really deserve of it. We may deceive or act like somebody that was not the real of us but once the given trust fall apart it will be very hard to put the trust into its whole. It is an honour for us and a great morality if we act right for through our actions we get also the respect of people. Our purity tells the people that they should respect us. I think the story itself unveils us the importance of having respect/dignity in oneself, and importance of being a mother. One quotations said, “I love being a mother, I am more aware. I feel things on a deeper level. I have a kind of understanding about my body, about being a woman.” –unknown. Mothers protects their child from all abuses that man can give to their child. Wordcount:651

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