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Macromedia Dreamweaver Essay

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Macromedia Dreamweaver

The club will definitely need a web site which they can use to do a great number of things. Some of them are to attract customers and members, post up new events, provide customer support, make new members, submit it to search engines so more people can find out about it and so on. Cost is also a big factor to consider. Having a website is much cheaper than putting up an advert in a local or national publication. Some other advantages of having a website are reduced costs for printing and distributing services and sales information.

Increase in customer base as new people learn about the club and its services. The hardware and software needed to make this site includes a web space on the net, a few good WYSIWYG editors for designing the pages like Microsoft FrontPage, Namo Web Editor or maybe Macromedia Dreamweaver and Fireworks depending on the club’s needs. Also you obviously need a computer with an internet connection to make, upload and view the site. The website will have different pages to the site like home, members, contact us, about, events, register and site map.

Database: A database would be very useful for the club because currently they have a long list of members and their information and details all on paper. So a computerized way of storing, inputting, viewing and editing data would be extremely useful because it would increase the speed and efficiency at which the staff would view and input data. The database will store information including but not limited to: name, address, email, phone number and date of birth. The hardware which we will need is a computer for making the database and the program.

The software which we will need to create the actual database file would be Microsoft Access or SQL Server, and the software which we will need to create the program which can access the database and provide methods for viewing and inputting data could be Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C# or any other programming language. We could just create the database and the interface both in Access but a good programming language offers a lot more flexibility and functions. Forms: This can prove to be very useful for the club because currently the club has all of its forms on paper.

So with computerized forms, when members want to book a plane for skydiving, or want to enroll for summer bungee jumping classes then the staff can just input the data needed in a Microsoft Word template and print it for the member. The hardware which we may need is a computer for printing and inputting data in forms, printer for printing out forms and receipts. The software which we will need is Microsoft Word with a customized template for each form so the staff can just open Word and load the template so all the fields required would already be there, they would just need to fill them in.

Printer: The club will definitely need a good color printer to print out all sorts of things like forms, receipts, posters, banners, leaflets and pictures. The club right now doesn’t have a computer or a printer so they cannot make any banners or posters to advertise their club or any new events or services. Also because they don’t have a printer they cannot print out forms and receipts so they have to right down the information for a receipt and then give it to the member or the customer which is very time consuming and inefficient.

The hardware which we will need is obviously a computer to connect the printer with and to send data to the printer so that it can print the desired information. E-commerce: An e-commerce system would also be useful for the club if they want to sell their own extreme sports gear like snowboards, goggles, etc. Or things like Proudlie’s Xtreme t-shirts and caps to promote their club and make it more popular. An online shopping system would enable them a place where members or customers could go, get and purchase sporting gear online. A link to the catalogue would be added to the main website.

The online shop would also enable PXtreme to make a lot of extra money which they could use to improve their services. Programs we might need for this could be editors like Microsoft FrontPage or Namo Web Editor. The hardware needed would be a computer with an internet connection to make, upload and view the site. Camera: A camera should be necessary for this club because if the club has a camera then it could do many things like take pictures from events and post them on the site for other members to view. The club could take pictures of the summer programs in action.

It could take pictures of the club itself so that people know what it looks like and they might come and enroll for membership or it could take pictures of the staff so that they can post it up on the site in staffing section. With a camera they would be able to upload the pictures onto a computer and then it will be a lot easier for them to make posters and banners because they would be able to insert the club’s pictures in them. The hardware needed would be a computer to upload the pictures on and then print them if needed, and the software required to upload photos will come with the camera.

Staffing: The staff in PXtreme is made up of 5 people: the founder, the president, the vice president, secretary and the treasurer. This is the board of directors. These people will be running the club for the next 4 years and they have just been elected by the members of the club apart from the founder who will be looking after the club until he retires. The staff gets a very small salary and this isn’t their full-time job, they have another job besides running the club. These people are running PXtreme just because they love sports. Each person is looked at in detail below. Founder:

The founder of this club is Ozzy Kumar who has been with the club ever since it was made. Ozzy grew up in Yorkshire but moved to Hong Kong for financial reasons. He studied in Leeds University and finished his masters in computer science and graduated with first class honors. He doesn’t do much except for making sure that his club is running fine without any problems and is making lots of profit. He is obsessed with extreme sports like snowboarding which is why he opened up this club. He isn’t directly involved with anything going on in the club but he was the one who hired the four people below. President:

The president of Proudlie’s Xtreme is Jenice Whitehouse. She grew up in London, driven by her love of history she went on to Bristol University to complete her BA. Jenice is the head of staff and she is the one who comes up with new events, services, makes sure that the staff is doing its job properly and makes sure that the club is running smoothly without any problems. She makes the big decisions for the club like when to buy new equipment and basically supervises everything which is going on. She knows every little nook and cranny of the club because she is always cruising around the club ensuring everything’s working well.

The IT needs which would be useful to her would be the website which she would use when she wants to update any events or news. Vice President: The vice president of PXtreme is Robin Hampshire who helps Jenice Whitehouse with everything. He grew up in Scotland and studied in De Montfort University Bedford when he gained a BSC in sport science and a PGCE in Physical Education. He helps to make decisions and also it’s his job to decide what sports the club should provide and when and where the classes and training programs should be.

He is never to far from the action and is always involved with all the activities going on. The IT needs which would help him would also be a website and he would use it when he needs to upload information about events and programs. Secretary: The secretary of PXtreme is Ivy Alba who really loves extreme sports and her role in the club is to handle all the paperwork. She is Korean but has lived in Hong Kong. She studied in Newcastle for a BA in Sports Studies followed by time at the University of Exeter, St Luke’s College where she gained her PGCE.

She also has to keep track of all the members’ information and details. She is the one who signs up new members and she also handles any phone calls to the club. Ivy is very good at art so she has been assigned to make small posters and leaflets informing members of new events. The IT needs which she would find useful are the database, forms and the printer. She would use the database when she wants to add new members to it or edit member info, and she would use the forms to print and give to the members. Treasurer:

The treasurer of PXtreme is Jack Frost who grew up in Japan and is a graduate of Leeds University. Jack only loves two things in life: business studies and extreme sports. He is in charge of all the finance, the funds, revenues and taxes. He decides the membership fees and the fees for specific training programs or summer classes. He sees how much money comes in per month and handles the money accordingly. He decides what equipment needs to be bought. The IT needs which he would find useful would be the e-commerce system. He will figure out the pricing and cost of each product and handle the purchasing process.

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