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Essays on Macroeconomy

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?Scope of Managerial Economics

Economics has two major branches namely Microeconomics and Macroeconomics and both are applied to business analysis and decision-making directly or indirectly. Managerial economics comprises all those economic concepts, theories, and tools of analysis which can be used to analyze the business environment and to find solutions to practical business problems. In other words, managerial economics is applied economics The areas of business issues to which economic theories can be applied may be broadly divided into the following two categories: Operational…...

Intermediate Macroeconomics

Intermediate Macroeconomics Tutorial Questions Topic: 'Fiscal Policy and the Open Income-Expenditure Model' Tutorial 2: week 4 (19-23 August) N.B.: The readings for this tutorial are indicated in Topic 2 of the reading guide. 1 . In the Keynesian theory of output what is mechanism that brings about the equilibrium level of output determined by aggregate demand? 2. 'The stance of fiscal policy cannot be measured by the size of the actual budget deficit. ' Why not? Can the stance of…...

Macro Economic Basics

Homework on Macroeconomics Shank Meat; Roll no 26 1 List and describe four determinants of productivity Innovation: Regionally available innovation resources positively influence productivity growth. Taxation: The two indicators for taxation, the tax burden on investments and the tax burden on highly qualified employees, both influence productivity growth negatively. Regulation: Labor market regulation has a strong positive impact on productivity growth. Tighter regulation can indeed increase the productivity of the working population, but at the price of reducing the participation…...

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Macroeconomic Variables to Determine the Macroeconomic

Macroeconomic variables to determine the Macroeconomic Performance of Bangladesh. BY Manhattan An Assignment On: Macroeconomic variables to determine the Macroeconomic Performance of Bangladesh. Prepared By: Md. Mishap Duding. Roll no: 09122452 2nd year 2nd semester Department of Economics. Introduction: Macro economics deals with the aggregate economy. It deals with not only level, not only individual output, but also national output. The world economy was close to a collapse due to the present global economic crisis. However, the global economy has…...

Microeconomics Versus Macroeconomics

I want to thank everyone for joining me today to review the effects of microeconomics and macroeconomics in conjunction with the healthcare industry. We will start with a brief introduction of what we will review, and then briefly hit on the subject matter in a bit more detail. “The world’s largest and most diverse economy currently faces the most severe economic challenges in a generation or more”. The value of resources is an important aspect of economic status with both…...

Parallel Import (Grey Market)

A parallel import is a non-counterfeit product imported from another country without the permission of the intellectual property owner. Parallel imports are often referred to as grey product, and are implicated in issues of international trade, and intellectual property. The practice of parallel importing is often advocated in the case of software, music, printed texts and electronic products, and occurs for several reasons: 1. Different versions of a product are produced for sale in different markets. E. g. : Top…...

PESTEL analysis of the macro-environment

Introduction There are many factors in the macro-environment that will consequence the determinations of the directors of any administration. Tax alterations, new Torahs, trade barriers, demographic alteration and authorities policy alterations are all illustrations of macro alteration. To assist analyze these factors directors can categorize them utilizing the PESTEL theoretical account. This categorization distinguishes between: Political factors These refer to authorities policy such as the grade of intercession in the economic system. What goods and services does a authorities privation…...

Singapore's Economic Growth

Introduction Singapore’s transmutation into a first-world economic system is a authoritative instance of the importance of a pro-investment, export-oriented theoretical account as a footing for economic growing ( Zarroli 1 ) . Under the theoretical account, foreign direct investing provides the footing for economic growing. A state, which adopts the theoretical account, invests in edifice good substructure and edifice of good concern environment characterized by addition to carry on concern in the specific state. Singapore applied the above theoretical account…...

Structural Adjustment Programs

Introduction Development economic sciences can be divided into two wide classs which are `` neoclassical economic sciences '' and `` structural linguistics '' . The structuralist sees the universe as inflexible. Change is inhibited by obstructions, constrictions and restraints. Peoples find it difficult to travel or accommodate, and resources tend to be stuck. In economic footings the supply of most things is inelastic. Such general inflexibleness was thought to use peculiarly to Least Development Countries. Entrepreneurs were missing ; and…...

The Global Currency

It has been estimated that the dollar is used in almost three quarters of the world trade. And oil is one of the primary products that uses dollar as the currency. The so-called petrodollar or the necessity for dollar to import oil products connects to the importance of the US dollar. It is also the reason why most of the countries’ primary goal is to have a big trade surplus in order for them to buy more oil. We know…...

Wipro Limited and Zappos

The company started in 1945 as a manufacturer of vegetable and refined oils under Mohamed Premji. It started venturing in IT domain in 1970-1980, and in 1982 the company entered in IT Products business. In 1990s it leveraged hardware R&D Design and software evelopment expertise and began offering global clients software services. It was named to Wipro Limited from Wipro Products Limited. It also continued in consumer product domain during the same period. Wipro went through organization structural changes time…...

Annual report of Delta airlines & Singapore airlines

Therefore, if Delta airlines had used Singapore airlines' depreciation policy then Delta airlines' depreciation expenses would have been $486.68M, which is $140.68M more than what was reported using their own policy. Impact of Singapore Airlines' Depreciation Assumptions Although Singapore airlines' depreciation expense results in reduced Net Income, it is able to accomplish several goals. As the aircraft are only around 5 years old, Singapore can sell the "pre-owned" aircraft at a higher price than an older craft. Selling off the aircrafts at…...

Current Macroeconomic Situation

US is the leading economy of the world but is under a recession since 2008 or so. Unemployment is at record high and is the biggest problem areas for policy makers. No jobs means consumer confidence and business sentiment also suffer. The problem stared with the housing bubble in 2008 leading to a near collapse of financial biggies like Lehman Brothers. To weather that situation the US govt has been taking measures to prop up the economy, but without much…...

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