Macro environmental factors Essay

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Macro environmental factors

Based on the movie ‘Outsourced’ and you first two week study in the class, answer any four of the following.

Give appropriate examples from the movie ‘Outsourced’.
1 Define differences between Eastern and Western Culture

a Food: Food differs from place to place but there is an huge difference in eastern and western food where as western culture tends to eat more cheesy and fast food as compared to eastern cultures they prefer more of curries and noodles

b Way of Conversation: This difference between eastern and western culture shows us that both cultures having entire different way of conversation

c Accents: Eastern and Western culture don’t only differ in language but differ in the accent they have as well

A) When Mr. Todd first came to India and has street food and fells sick for a day or two, this shows that people with different food culture cannot handle other food as they handle their own

B) This can be seen when the aunty asks Todd about his life, salary and girlfriends where Mr. Todd Didn’t expected this at few of first meetings but for the people of india it’s an normal conversation

C) This can be seen when Todd and Asha meet first time in a meeting where Asha tells Mr. Todd that they have different ways of pronouncing and then she gives an example of the world Internet and how both cultures pronounce it

2 Define ethnocentrism

“ Ethnocentrism is the tendency to judge all other groups according to the standards, behaviors, and customs of one’s own group” ( Bovee, C. L. & Thill, J. V (2008) p. 60-83 )

When Mr. Todd first came to India he started to miss his hometown and his own culture and in the movie where he goes to get a beef burger so desperately but he can’t get one

3 Define stereotyping

“Stereotyping is assigning generalized attributes to an individual on the basis of membership in a particular group”

( Bovee, C. L. & Thill, J. V (2008) p. 60-83)

4 Define cultural diversity

The ability of an individual or a group to merge or diverge in different cultures can be defined as cultural diversity

(, (2014). What is cultural Diversity – Fort Hays State University. [online] Available at:

That moment when Mr. Todd and Puru are having drinks together. Mr. Puru being a stereotype says that why do all American’s don’t live with their parents when they grow up and are settled in their life

The Part where Todd starts to give in and enjoy his life in India by celebrating holy festival this can be called cultural diversity

Compulsory- Reflection on your cultural self-identity (200 words):
I grew up in a small city Hyderabad of Pakistan and later on moved to Karachi. My dad came from Iran where as my mom was born in Hyderabad, as Sindhi being my mother tongue, Urdu national and English official I was able to speak all of them. In the beginning of this year I moved to Australia to complete my studies where I learned different cultures of the world. Met almost every nationality of people. Life was bit tough in the beginning I had hard time making friends but as the time passed I learned a lot about Australia and its culture I was able to communicate people around me and slowly and gradually I was mixing in Aussie Culture.

People here are so sports oriented which let me improve my game of basketball as I learned a lot of new techniques of play. I saw people having dinner at 6 pm where back home people started cooking for dinner at 8 30 but later I found myself following the same routine. In this one year I learned so much about the different cultures of the world and how to socialize or a have a good conversation with people of different cultures which inspired me a lot, that now I want to travel all around the world and make friends.

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