Lyme disease: when a tick bite has dramatic consequences

Now considered a “health emergency”, the disease makes an increasing number of victims each year. It remains poorly diagnosed.

According to specialists, it is part of the “health emergencies” of our time, and remains largely “underestimated”. Lyme disease, caused by tick bites , causes new victims every year.

Thursday, February 15, 2018, a complaint against X was filed with the public health pole of the Paris prosecutor’s office by 59 patients and the association Lyme Without Borders. They denounce possible conflicts of interest between the health authorities, namely the French Medicines Agency (ANSM) and the National Reference Center (CNR) in Strasbourg, and the laboratories, to which they criticize a lack of vigilance over screening tests for the disease deemed unreliable .

Nearly 30,000 new cases a year in France

Ticks are more and more numerous in France. These small parasites peddle pathogenic bacteria – Borrelia – that carry the disease (or Lyme borreliosis).

To gorge themselves with blood, they watch in the woods and meadows, but also now in the gardens of cities, especially in Alsace, Normandy, Limousin and Ile-de-France.

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The Sentinel surveillance network records 25,000 to 30,000 new cases a year . This observation is however undoubtedly below the reality: “70% of infected people have no memory of having been bitten by a tick,” says Professor Christian Perronne, head of the infectiology department of the hospital Poincar? with Garches.

Once infected, it is necessary to react quickly: this infection is treated quickly if it is detected at the early stage.

Symptoms to be taken seriously

If you see on your skin a red spot that widens in a circle (an erythema migrans), you should immediately consult.

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This is the first sign of Lyme disease. But he is not always spotted.

A fever , ganglia or a great tiredness appearing after a walk in the nature must therefore also alert.


When it is not stopped in time, Lyme disease can cause dramatic sequelae: “joint pain, paralysis of the face, memory and concentration problems, ocular manifestations, palpitations …”, explains Dr. Richard Horowitz, internist and author of ” Care for Lyme and unexplained chronic diseases ” (Thierry Souccar).

The diagnosis is not easy to establish because these symptoms are not specific. They can evoke other diseases. As a result, people with Lyme disease are sometimes referred to psychiatrists or mistakenly considered as fibromyalgia .

Some patients wander for several years before being properly cared for in order to eradicate the infection.

“A gigantic fatigue was nailing me to bed 16 hours a day”

“My health deteriorated overnight: unbearable pain heart problems, bloody eyes and especially a gigantic fatigue that bedridden me 16 hours per day, recalls Juduth Albertat, author of ‘ Lyme, natural solutions ‘ ( Thierry Souccar) I consulted 37 doctors who, due to a lack of diagnosis, told me to go see a psychiatrist, but I did not give up … Finally, I had a lot of antibiotic treatments ( 22 months), with embellishments and relapses, and today I am almost out of business. ”

How to protect yourself?

To avoid getting contaminated, do not walk in the forest or in tall grass without closed shoes, tight trousers on ankles and long sleeves because ticks are on the lookout for each cm 2 of skin to bare. On the way back, examine your skin, especially in the armpits, knees, groin and scalp.

If you see a tick, dislodge it with a ticker (sold in a pharmacy) or a tweezers if you do a slow circular motion.

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