Lying to Get into Top Schools

Getting into a college could be the best thing for students. Graduating high school continuing education are all components of what some students think when applying to their dream school. Most schools even community colleges value trust, integrity and honesty in their students and their applicants. I can relate to this Ethics and The Law because when I was in my senior year of high school my graduating class must apply to 3 top schools of their choice. One of my choices were The University of California at Berkeley.

To get into this school you must have a certain number of requirements and criteria.

When doing the application process most schools also have you pay an application fee and send a lot of documents to verify the information that you have submitted. When lying on the application you are risking your trust with the institution and students are risking going to jail. Lying about job titles that they obtained can cause a red flag during the interview process or even when the university contacts the employer and find false information.

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It potential jeopardizes your chances for admissions. Some applications could have multiple inconsistencies in the applications that most colleges can spot out.

When a college notices the red flags in your application they know the things that you have written do not match your recommendations letters from your teachers and they will contact those individuals to make sure that any of the information in accurate. ‘Trust begins with the belief that honesty is at the heart of relationships.

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Many contract remedies in law are based on the failure of the parties to be truthful with each other.’ Since colleges know that most students will risk taking chances there is no reward for it. At the end of any application you sign the document and it signifies that all the information that you have submitted is true and accurate and when you get caught you lose all your chances of getting in. Trust and honestly are what colleges are looking for when accepting applications because it shows who you truly are.

There could be many long-term consequences when it comes to lying on your application such as getting scholarships revoked, internships taken away from you and it goes on your record when applying to different jobs. Having one mistake can affect your future life outside of school. I would refer this situation to be like the Laura Nash Model because of the questions that are being asked in the process such as, how did this situation occur in the first place? Why do students lie on applications? Whom could your decision or action injure? Does this also affect the family of the applicant? ‘Just ask Adam Wheeler from Delaware, a Youngman who was sentenced to two and a half years in prison in addition to ten years of probation for lying on his application to Harvard.’ This is one good example of how lying on an application could affect your future in the adult world. You are risking potential job opportunities because employers are tracking what has happened in the past.

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Lying to Get into Top Schools

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