Luxury wellness retreat places around the world

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Today’s world is fast paced, every day there are never-ending agendas, tasks and chores to cross off the to-do list. There is a silent societal pressure to work at a lightning speed to multitask.

We can easily get trapped in the over obligatory daily turmoil, causing stressful life. To heal, mother nature has blessed us with beautiful landscapes to recharge and unwind the stress. From Congo’s rainforest to Switzerland’s picturesque hills, wellness centres around the world helps you to rejuvenate mental and physical well-being.

Whether you want to enjoy revitalizing spa treatments or treat yourself with different wellness programs, there are plentiful places across the globe. To help you all through, we have researched and listed top ten luxury wellness retreats for year 2020.

1. St.Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort, Maldives

Maldives, a tranquil island paradise, besieged by white sand and covered with palm around turquoise water. To make your dream vacation come true, you must indulge into luxury wellness retreats @Maldives.

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The best time to visit would be from November to March. The St.Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort is known for its unique luxury services. It is an idyllic island paradise spread onto 20 acres’ private atoll. With more than 77 luxury villas the St.Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort offers 5 star luxury wellness retreats.

2. Ananada Spa, India

Located on the foothills of the Himalayas, Ananda Spa is acclaimed as one of the heaven-like wellness centres around the world. It lauded as a hub of luxury wellness retreats for the body and mind.

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Surrounded by mystical Sal forests and passing Ganges river, Ananda spa features colonial hill architecture. As quoted by the owner Ashok Khanna, their expert team of nutritionists and health consultants have put in special efforts to create ten different wellness packages targeting different needs to customers. These packages are tailored as per requirements of the guests.

3. Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz offers people, a world of tranquility, inspiration and peace. Some say, at Grand Resort, you can surround your soul with renewed vitality and strength. The wellness program offered by Grand Resort Bad Ragaz aims to reinforce your immune system. Under their wellness package, they provide tailored detox program based on pollutants in the body by analyzing guests’ medical history and blood & urine samples.

4. El Conquistador Resort, Puerto Rico

Better known as paradise for beach lovers, Puerto Rico offers plenty of attraction on the island making it an ideal tourist destination in the Caribbean. Tourists can embrace mother nature at El Conquistador Resort in Puerto Rico. They have well-tailored luxury treats inspired by water, earth, fire and air – the 4 elements of mother nature. The guests are provided with the physical assessments and further assigned with a luxury wellness retreat based on any one of the four natural elements. El Conquistador Resort offers zip lining through El Yunque National Forest unwinding stress from guests’ life. Just before the rainy season and righter after the winters, April-June is the best time to visit Puerto Rico.

5. Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, California

Just type “Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur” in search engine, you will be truly mesmerized with the search results. Heart skips a beat looking at a picturesque beauty of Post Ranch Inn. Floating on the cliffs of the Big Sur coastline, Post Ranch Inn offers heart melting view of Santa Lucia mountains, the Pacific Ocean and the Redwood forests. The Inn offers multiple wellness programs like stargazing and shamanistic spa services. The fire and drum ceremony at Post Ranch Inn is something that draws an awe from the guests.

6. Gora Kadan, Japan

Japan is world-famous for extravagant ryokan. Perched high in the mountains of Hakone, Gora Kadan is famous for hot springs. Keeping the feel of traditional ryokan, Gora Kadan provides and extraordinary upbeat experience. Healing vibe comes from beautiful outdoor areas, spacious rooms and onsens.

7. Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt, Austria

Located at the foot of Wilder Kaiser mountains Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt is a live example of sprawling alpine chalet. To take advantage of crisp, fresh mountain air, pristine beauty guests can indulge in five-mile hike over the Schwarzsee Lake (the warmest lake in the Alps); even can take a dip. The guest can relish skiing in winters. A cozy meal at sophisticated Stangl-Alm provides backdrop for dislodging the cold, is deal way for a fringe benefit.

8. Lake Austin Spa Resort, Texas, The United States of America

For those looking to unwind from the daily stress or celebrate a special occasion, Lake Austin’s avant-garde wellness retreat is ideal place for recreation. Lake Austin Spa Resort is an all-inclusive destination spa located on a serene hillside. The building is made of local stone to meld with the natural landscape. The striking setting of this place is that one of the pools is accommodated inside a barn. The 70s and 80s temperature encourage tourists to visit during the months of Nov-May.

9. Le Blanc Spa Resort, Cancún, Mexico

Willing to enjoy bottomless margaritas @Le Blanc Spa Resort, it is time for book nanny for your kids. It is an adult only resort. Travelers claim, with tranquilizing aromatherapy treatments wafting through the air, one can feel the stress begin to melt away the moment they enter the premises. It is unbelievable but very true AAA Five Diamond Spa is almost sold out throughout the year. The beachfront of this resort is like a piece of heaven. The Italian and French menu surpasses all the limits of yummy food.

10. Cal-a-Vie, Vista, California

If you have been feeling burned-out and experiencing emotional fatigue, Cal-a-Vie resort is an antidote. With an exceptional staff to guest ratio, guests will relish the undivided attention at Southern California countryside. You can begin your day with a sunrise hike and later in the day enjoy Zumba, kickboxing, volleyball or all. Also, guests can indulge in world-class spa service, where bamboo massage is their forte. Guests will feel like million bucks with special pampering treatments.

This wellness retreat is a perfect combination of rustic woods with serenity offering spa treatments and hikes.

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