Luke Essay Topics

The Gileadean regime and how are these portrayed

  There are also few occasions in the telling of her story where Offred seems almost inconsolable through sheer desperation as a result of the lack of normality in her life, ‘I want her back (her mother), I want everything back, the way it was’. She is desperate to escape from this regime which has… View Article

Marginalization of people according to Luke’s gospel

To marginalize means to relegate to a lower or outer edge, of specific groups of people. Marginalized people in society are people who are considered as outcasts in the society, they are referred to as those of a lower class. Those who are marginalized are outside the dominant culture of a group. The group could… View Article

Good sameritan essay

Should being a Good Samaritan be a law? This is a question that many people do not think about everyday. In my opinion, I believe that there should not be a law on being a Good Samaritan. I believe this because; there should not be a law that causes human beings to put their lives… View Article

Via Sapientiae: The Institutional Repository

The celebrated French historian, Henri Bremond , in his study of religious movements and personalities of seventeenth century France was captivated by the attractiveness and depth of spirituality that he encountered in the writings of Saint Vincent de Paul . He did not hesitate , however, to chide gently the Community of Saint Vincent for… View Article