Luck has nothing to do with success

At universities and colleges, sports and social activities are just as important as classes and libraries and should receive equal financial support.

With the progress of the times and society. It has become increasingly fast pace of life. We are anxious and hoped that people acquire knowledge by simply learning. Thus we ignoring its importance. In fact, this is wrong. I think it is just as important in college, sports and social activities as well as classes and libraries, and should receive the same financial support.

Firstly, sports and social activities can teach us social skills and team spirit. In contemporary society, we need people who can able to unite others and have high emotional intelligence rather than those who can only read books. More and more businesses require people who are not only specialists in their fields, but also skilled in social interaction. What’s more social skills and team spirit are necessary qualities for any students. Obviously, when students participate in sports activities or social practices at the university, they can have a perfect social learning opportunity, such as, sports and charity events.

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Students can develop a experienced team spirit and collaboration capabilities.

Aside from fostering social skills and team spirit, sports and social activities can greatly improve students’ learning ability.These activities can change students’ mood and attention. Indeed, for some students, playing sports and joining in social activities are good stress reducers. Even the most enthusiastic people feel tired if they concentrate on one thing for too long.

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Frustrated and tired people can do nothing well if they do not recover from their bad situations. Students who have been frustrated in their academic work would be well-advised to play some sports or join in social activities.

However, I know that academic learning is the most important task of students in college.But I think it can not bring students communication and physical fitness never be a university recognized by most people school. Such schools are not conformed with the current wave of social development and age. In fact, almost all famous universities have plenty of sports teams and social groups, and universities provide adequate financial support with these events. None of these universities have weakened their academic standards because of social movements or sports.

In summary, I agree with that universities and colleges should spend enough money on academic education and amateur events to help students for their future development.

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Luck has nothing to do with success

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