Loyalty and Getting the Best from Your Employees 

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Nowadays the hospitality industry is very diverse and competitive. Lowering your prices will only work to a certain extent so how else do hotels entice guests to stay with them and build guest loyalty. Loyalty is composed of thrust, comfort and care. It will build your brand image and reputation; it will fulfill your staff’s potential and increase cliental. Loyalty is achieved when the guest or your staff has felt cared for, important, encouraged. How to build Loyalty? Loyalty begins from within with your staff, your staff have the biggest commitment to your hotel.

Your staff are the face of your business, they are your ambassador’s, how they make the guests feel will determine the guest’s opinion on your entire brand, their thrust and in turn their loyalty to your hotel. Loyalty with staff will make the difference between service and hospitality. In this essay I will investigate how to maximize staff potential and how human resources impacts staff loyalty.

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Staff Potential

When staff are encouraged to meet their full potential, they will feel important and gain a sense of loyalty. When staff are loyal, they take pride in their work and a responsibility for the success of the business. This is very valuable as it will reflect on how an employee treats guests, motivates other employees, their own work ethic also it reduces staff turnover. Potential can be maximized by focus on promoting these four attributes.

To make staff feel empowered you should increase their responsibility which will keep them challenged, motivated and show them your thrust.

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It is important you don’t demolish this thrust by micromanaging instead set standards, deadlines and when reviewing work offer constructive feedback or praise. You can also empower staff by offering awards such as incentives for achieving targets or employee of the month.

Offering development programs can attract ambitious, hardworking employees to your business but also it gives your present staff a new opportunity, a goal to work toward and when provided this training by the company staff will feel a sense of pride and gratitude which will desire them to give back to the business. This method recognizes potential and builds employee’s talent.

As mentioned above staff are the face of your hotel therefore, they have a great insight into the business and their opinions are valuable. Therefore, it is important to engage with employees. Requesting and listening to their feedback, opinions and ideas makes them feel comfortable and respected even more so if their ideas are put into effect and they are given recognition for their help. Engagement will also create a comfortable, positive atmosphere and work environment which will make employees happy this will be clear in their work ethic and attitude. Engagement between employees builds relationships which will improve communication and strong teamwork this can be down by introducing teamwork activities, staff outings or cross-training.

Enablement is the combination of all the above elements. “Leadership is about enabling the full potential in others”, this is a motive promoted by Forbes which involves empowering individuality and promoting personalization. This is encouraged by allowing staff to complete tasks in the way that feels natural to them and allowing more decision making.

Human Resources Impact

The human resource department is responsible staffing, development, compensation, safety and health, and employee and labor relations. Employees being their main focus, the strength of the human resourse department can be determined by the staff morale, turnover, guest feed backetc. The biggest challenge for Human resourses is staff loyalty. So how can the Human resourse department help increase employee loyalty?

Emotional Intelegience is a concept that has recently come to attention in workplaces however it is extremely important. Emotional intelegeance is noticing, being aware and considering the feelings,emotions and mental health of yourself and others. The human resources department can practise emotional intelegance by ensuring there is a high staff moral and if there isnt they should investigate and make the changes needed to increase moral. When praticising emotional intelligence if a situation arises in the workplace the hr should engage with the employees for example it has been noticed that an employee isnt working as hard as usual instead of giving this staff member a warning ask them if everything is alright , how are they finding work? Maybe they are under stress from outside of work or are feeling unmotivated in work these problems can be fixed by finding a solution with your employee this will make they feel cared for and in turn increase their loyalty.

Effective Employee Engagement

As I mentioned above engageing with employees will get the best from them as it makes their opionion feel important. Hr can engage with employees through staff feedback survys, department meetings or suggestion boxes. Encourge team work and staff interaction by organisingg group activities, staff nights etc. Provide training programs and development programs. Regonise your staff praise their achievements, celebrate their birthdays or in certain intinses provide support.

Define and Outline Clear Goals

Having a defined role and targets to reach will help staff morale, keep them motivated and having a defined role will help focus and feeling of importsnce.

Involve the family

Family comes first, therefore invovling families in the company can promote a community atmosphere and creat a special connection between cthe family and the company which will creat loyalty. It can also help the hr and employees communicate when family related situations araise.

Promote from Within

This not only motivates employees but also managers will have more respect as employees will understand they earned the role. Managers will be more competent as they understand the work involved by other roles, they understand the businesss and they will know their team.


Staff loyalty means a high staff morale, job satisfaction this is portrayed to guest as soon as they are warmly welcomed into the hotel. As you can see in the image staff morale and the effects of enhancing employee potential creates a better guest experience. J.W.Marriott “Take care of associates and they’ll take care of your costumers”. Sometimes for the guest its not about the location but were they feel at home and whats more homely than welcoming staff, a happy atmosphere and attentive service. A hotel is just a building!

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