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Lowood Institution for Orphan Girls Essay

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This is a report on Lowood School. This report assesses the school on the standard and quality areas of the school. Lowood is an all girls’ school (or institution if you like) for orphan who’s parents have either died or neglected them. The girls age from about 9 years and above, and there is thirty-five or so of them. The teachers have come forward voluntarily and are paid only a little if any at all. Lowood is a boarding school, and there is a fee to be a part of the school. This fee is only here for the upkeep of the school. The fee to come to Lowood is �15 per annum. This money is used to pay for the costs of food, clothing, general maintenance needed to be done to the school, etc.

2 Physical Environment 2.1 Grounds and Location Lowood School is near the location of Lowood. In the area, there are also many hills and a stream. The main trees are the great elm, ash and oak. There is lots of beautiful wild primrose as well. It has a lovely garden, which is cultivated by the girls and has been kept considering tools provided to the girls by the school. The garden has many flowerbeds and there is one bed for each girl to keep herself. Great big walls surround the garden protecting it from intruders, but not from the sunlight.

The school has only a few rooms in comparison to a normal private school. Outdoor corridors lead to most of the rooms. There is one classroom, one refectory, one dormitory for the girls and one each for the teachers and one sick room. Those are the basic rooms and there are only a few others such as storerooms, etc.

2.2 Classrooms There is only one classroom although it is large. It is both very long and wide, and it is a cold room, which is dimly lit. The great room is shared by four different classes, consisting of thirty-five or so girls in total. Each class has one table with benches surrounding hem for the girls to sit on. The room is divided so that each class has one quarter, although equipment needed by one class may be kept in a different quarter of the great room.

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2.3 Dormitories Again, there is only one dormitory for all of the eighty or so girls to share. There was long rows of uncomfortable beds with quilts on them. The arrangement for each night was two girls to a bed, so any small colds, viruses or even diseases may be spread very easily. Some of the older girls if they are lucky got one bed to herself, but only if she is amongst the biggest of all the girls. But now there are some beds to spare as some girls left in the most unpleasant and unfortunate circumstances that could ever be imagined.

There were found cracks and crevices in the windows, so that in the winter cold draughts were able to get in and make the big dormitory very cold. The teachers however have rooms of their own. In them, there are comfortable beds, a coffee table in each with chairs around it, and a very warm fireplace. 2.4 Washing Facilities The wash basins were in the middle of dormitory and it was quite hard to get the use of them every morning, as there is very few basins. The arrangement here was one basin to six girls. But now it is only two-three girls to a basin.

In addition, because of the cracks and crevices allowing the cold to get in, in the winter the water in the ewers and basins froze so that no girls could wash and they remained dirty. 2.5 Dining Facilities There is one refectory, which is another of Lowood’s large rooms. It is quite low ceiled room you would think for a refectory, but in a way, it is good, as it is one of the warmer rooms’s of the school. It is a gloomy looking room though partly because of the two long and large tables which is a very old. It is a dull browny-black in colour.

2.6 Healthcare Facilities There is a very small seminary which looks like it could accommodate two people at the maximum. There is only one nurse who seems like she does not have many qualifications. In the May of one year, there was an outbreak of the Typhus disease where forty-four girls were struck down. As the seminary was only capable to accommodate two girls, the schoolroom and dormitory were transformed into seminaries. Because of the lack of qualified nurses and facilities, all forty-four girls died.

However, one girl, not out of that forty-four, died of the rare disease, Consumption, otherwise recognised as TB or Tuberculosis. It is not known how she picked it up, but it can be guessed by the standard of the dormitories, with no heating in them and cracks and crevices in the windows making it cold to be inside of. Another suggestion is when walking in LoWood, the forest-dell was the cradle of fog and the disease may have been carried around in the fog. This may also be a suggestion to how the first person to receive Typhus fever got it.

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