The Limitless Memory Capacity of the Human Brain

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The brain has many unique functions, one of which is that it can store up to millions of memories from your childhood up until now just like a computer or a memory card. Many people believe that a single memory can stay in the human mind forever and attempts on removing it can prove extremely difficult even with the help of a psychologist. I for one, agrees on this theory that it cannot be removed. In my brain, millions of hopes and dreams lies away an epic memory that I cannot forget, no matter how hard I tried, it was still there.

Perhaps God himself that wants me to remember.

Sometimes, I lay in my warm bed just to stare at the plain white ceiling while listening to some soothing music coming from my old gramophone for the late 80-s. It might seem empty, and that was exactly what my mother told me to focus on.

She said ‘Change the way you look at life, like this ceiling, at first glance it will leave no impact on you at all, but if you look closer, you will little secrets that you never knew were there.

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But somehow, deep down in my heart, I know that without this memory, I would not have become the person that I am today. It all started on one casual work day.

‘Sorry to bother you sir, but let me remind you that these reports need to be signed before five’ said my frustrated secretary that always seemed to have something on her mind, may it be going for a pedicure on a Saturday afternoon or going for a beer with friends every now and then.

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I simply glanced through the reports and signed them immediately so that the rest of my staff can do their work.

I was a Partner of a private security software company that helps store and protect data of large companies such as F&B proprietors, Entertainment networks, and sometimes private military contractors, you get the idea. After completing college at the ripe age of 16 because of my intellectual ability to absorb large amounts of knowledge in a very short period of time, I decided to not waste anymore time and start working to support my middle-class family.

It wasn-t easy, however all my hard work and dedication helped me rise up the ranks to become a director of one of the seven branches across the globe, my branch was in the United States of America, where we also had a couple in Europe and the remaining in Asia. Being partly French as my Father was born and raised in Marseille, France where he met my loving mother, while she was there as a tour guide made my friends joke about me being the most romantic around girls when I was in college, that was not true at all, mainly because all the girls in my college were five or six years older than me, my friends would go out on movie dates while I sat home preparing for my next examination that was probably 3 months away. I was the hopeless romantic.

Growing up, I became addicted to coffee, my father would take a few tablespoons of instant coffee every morning which smell would take over the entire house, I did not have the privilege of drinking any of the expensive stuff but as I started working I began to experience new things, one of the most incredible include my co-workers buying alcohol for me try back in the office as I was still underage. I took coffee to a whole new level by experimenting it with different ingredients such as cow-s milk, soy milk and goat-s milk. Every single time I drink coffee, it was a brand-new tailor-made experience for me.

The moment when I received a promotion to become a Head of Department, I was filled with joy and was over the moon when the news was announced by boss and mentor, Doctor Phil Moses. I was given an opportunity to move into a newly furnished apartment downtown which I quickly jumped at and I moved to a custom-built Penthouse Suite when I became Director as I could afford more things that I could only have dreamt of when I was a child.

That particular day at work was oddly satisfying for me as I could remember that there was a long weekend ahead as well as two public holidays on Monday and Tuesday. When I left, I remembered I could feel the scorching heat coming from the sun directly on top of me, it was getting hotter by the second. This forced me to take off my coat that protected me from the cold inside my office building, I walked pass people from different backgrounds, working class men and women who were heading for drinks at the bar and people who were in a hurry. As there was an accident blocking the road that I usually take to fetch my car from the valet, I walked towards a different direction, the heat from the son beat me down, losing all my happiness at one go, I took a refuge at a nearby caf? that I have never seen before.

When I pushed open the door, I was immediately greeted by welcoming dangling chimes. It was a cozy place to pass the time, at the same time I wanted some caffeine in my system. I took a few steps to the front counter that had a wide array of snacks and a tray of delectable cakes. The walls in front of me lied humble landscapes of the swiss alps and some unusual writings which looked either like Chinese or Japanese. There wasn-t anybody behind the quiet counter, before I could turn around to make my exit, the staff door opened and I skipped a beat.

A captivating young Japanese woman approached me from behind the counter, she was wearing a casual black t-shirt and a white apron, she had tied hair with a black ribbon and had an alluring smile, I took a step closer while leaning toward the counter slightly, admiring her beauty.

She had a mild scent of perfume which filled my nostrils, my brain was rejuvenated and refreshed, it smelled like calm lavender that was picked fresh from the ground and a hint of dazzling orange cinnamon. She bended a little to make a small but meaningful bow.

She greeted me ‘Hi there, welcome to Lumin San Coffee, can I suggest some items for you to try?’ I could not stop looking at her, she also had mesmerizing black eyes, I placed both of my hands on the table to prevent them from shaking. To avoid being awkward, I responded to her.

I said ‘Hello, nice place you have here, very cozy, so do you make your own coffee?’

‘Yes, our coffee machines and beans are all imported from Kyoto’ she said while pointing over to a large industrial coffee machines and some packets of coffee beans.

‘That-s amazing, I would like to have a triple shot cafe latte with espresso powder and melted whipped cream on top, also I would prefer goat-s milk if you have it and I think I have to indulge in that stunning cheesecake of yours.’

She nods while biting her bright red lips, my heart was pounding extremely fast as if I had just run a mile in a minute, there was no doubt that she was incredibly beautiful but she was also really polite and if given the chance, I would love to strike up a conversation with her.

She spoke in a surprised tone ‘Goat-s milk huh? Funny, I like to use goat-s milk too because of its·’

‘Sweeter taste’. I said to complete her sentence and to my surprise she said the exact same thing.

At that moment, I knew we had a connection, even though we just met for a couple of minutes. She placed her mouth over her mouth to cover a small grin. I smiled a little too and my right hand which was gripping the wooden counter tightly let go to reach for a handshake.

I said calmly ‘I-m Dan by the way.’

‘Pleased to meet you Dan, I-m Suki.’

She made my coffee and we both sat down together over at a leather sofa that had a few coffee stains on it. We chatted about life and our hopes and ideas, no one else had entered the caf?. It was just the two of us, as we continued talking from minutes that turned to hours, my stiff body became comfortable as we had a laid-back conversation until I lost track of time when it became dark and she had to close up shop.

She thanked me for the company and she left. Before she could leave, I stopped her and ran through the ideas in my head for ideal words to say to her but all I could think about was plain and simple.

‘Hey Suki, would you like to get some dinner tomorrow back at my place?’ I said hoping for the best.

She rumbled around her bag and took out a piece of crumpled paper that looked like a receipt and she wrote her address down.

She said ‘You can pick me up at eight.’

She smiled gracefully like an angel in disguise, I looked down on the ground and thought to myself, should I have sent her home? It was already late at night and going home for a young woman like herself can be dangerous, before I could say something to her, she had already vanished from the area. I looked down on my smart watch which emitted a glowing light that showed the time, realizing that it was already eleven, I decided to call a taxi to head back home, thankfully, there were no more clients and no more discussions!

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The Limitless Memory Capacity of the Human Brain
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