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Love Me If You Dare – Movie Analysis Essay

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Love Me If You Dare is a French love-story film that released in 2001. It doesn’t have the typical arragement of plot that is commonly used in Hollywod cinema, so this film is categorized as Non-Classical Narative Structured film. The narrative structure itself is engaged with the content of a story and the form used to tell the story. In order to analyze the narrative structure of Love Me If You Dare, here we are going to discuss more about “what”, “where”, “who” and “how” the story is.

1. Where is the story set?

The story takes setting in France. It is not only the language used in this film that can be apply as a reason to prove, but also many French words that explicitly appear on the scenes. Such as ‘capus’ that printed on the body of school-bus, and ‘M.Le Directeur’ that hangs on the door of principal’s room.

2. What event begins the story?
The story begins by depicting a block of cement whose a can of merry-go-round is planted on the top of it, then the voice of narrator starts playing to explain about the story behind that game.

3. Who are the main characters?
The main characters are Jullien Janvier, a guy whose Mom has a serious illness and really adored to play ‘game-or-dare’ with his merry-go-round can; and Sophie Kowalsky, a naughty girl that always enjoys to play ‘game-or-dare’ with Jullien through years.

4. What conflict do they face?
The conflict begins when both of Jullien and Sophie grow older and they have been realized by people around them that time has changed; it is not a time to do such a childish game anymore. Jullien has to pass an exam, Sophie too. The last time they see each other, Sophie forces Jullien to admit that the feeling they have is not only game, but Jullien refuses his own feeling.

However, Jullien’s life after that goes much easier than Sophie’s. He
becomes a success youg executive (proven by his vehicle and suits), while Sophie becomes a waitress in a cafe, and also has to deal with many junk guys. They finally meet again for over four years promise not to see each other. Jullien comes with the gesture of proposing Sophie, but actually what he’s done is asking Sophie’s permission to marry another woman. That’s when the story begins more complicated.

5. What happens to the character as they face conflict?
Jullien fails to marry with the woman he choose because Sophie comes and messes it up. Jullien is angry, then he tries to kill Sophie by asking her to stand in the middle of railway. Sophie can survive herself and she’s angry to Jullien in return. They agree not to see each other again in ten years.

6. Who wins the conflict?
In a particular time when Jullien and Sophie decide to separate, each of them tries to have their own life. But when the ten years has come to an end, they prepare themselve to see each other. From this scene, the audience can infer that none of them are win or lose the conflict. Because it reaveals that they actually miss, and still need each other.

7. What reward do they achieve?
After getting unite and admitting that actually they made for each other, they decide to live togeteher forever by sinking theirself into flan mud of cement, so that they will be statued forever.

8. How is the major conflict in the story set up?
Stressing how important the game for Jullien and Sophie  showing that much things is need to be thought seriously by the goes of the time  Jullien’s dad refusal towards Sophie  major conflict begins.

9. How are the main character introduced?
Jullien as the first speaker and narrator  introduces who are around him

10. How is the story moved along so that the characters must inevitably face
the film’s central conflict? Condition forces them to separate  Jullien changes in the first meeting after four years  Sophie tries to make Jullien be her again  fails  Jullien hates her  Jullien tries to kill her  they hate each other.

11. How is the dramatic confrontation set up as the film draws to its close? Jullien and Shophie hate each other  emptyness while they are apart  problems with their ow wife/husband appear

12. How does the film resolve most of the major conflicts set up at the outset? They prepare a meeting after ten years  Sophie traps Jullien  thing beyond their control happens  Jullien traps Sophie back  they reveal and admit their feeling.

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