“Love” in Carol Ann Duffy’s Valentine Essay

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“Love” in Carol Ann Duffy’s Valentine

Many people usually see “love” only one side especially when they deeply fall in love with someone. There are a lot of poems that respond the feeling of these falling in love people about how beautiful love is. It is true that love is beautiful. On the other hand, for me sometimes love is also painful. I really like the sentence that “love is color-blind” because this sentence can show not only the positive side of love but also the negative side of love. So does Carol Ann Duffy’s Valentine.

On Valentine’s day, many people will neatly prepare the present such as a red rose, a cute card, or something that extremely beautiful and worthwhile for their beloved couples but Carol Ann Duffy thinks that these presents are predictable. Carol Ann Duffy says that she will give an onion to whom she loves. Why onion? It is because an onion represents both sides of love. Love has many layers like an onion. You may waste your time for many people who are not the right one for you and will face many problems and barriers that you and your love have to fight for love before you will find “true love.” Along this way, sometimes you will be sad and cry many times like an onion when you peel it because an onion can make your tears. In contrast, you can say that the nature of an onion can refer to the levels of happiness that happiness has many levels itself. Sometimes it means comfort and memories but sometimes it means like a firework.

In addition, Carol Ann Duff compares an onion to the moon too. Although the moon is wrapped in brown paper, it still has light. Like love, no matter what is going to happen, it is still light and beautiful. On the contrary, the moon is the sign of sorrow opposite of the sun. At first when you see the moon, you may consider that it is extremely beautiful but if you see it much closer, you will see it is rough. It is not so beautiful as you firstly see it from the far. It is like an onion because you will think it causes nothing until you peel it. In other word, it is like love. You cannot know that love can also hurt you whether you face it yourself. It takes time to know how painful love can be like it takes way to know how rough the moon is. Carol Ann Duffy tries to tell about the truth of love as she says “I am trying to be truthful”. You have chances to choose “to love or not to love” whether you choose “to love”, you should know that love is not always end of happiness.

It is like when you have the proposal. It is optional. You can choose to be still alone or to walk together with your love. Love will be possessive and honest as long as we walk along together or love can bring heartache if we do not get along well. If you agree the proposal, your life will be changed. If you are married, the wedding ring will stay on your left ring finger to show love between you and your love and it will stay forever if you get along well like the smell of an onion that will stick to your fingers when you peel it.

But if not love can be deadly. You can get the suicide holding the knife if you are really disappointed “Its platinum loops shrink to a wedding ring, if you like. Lethal. Its scent will cling to your fingers, cling to your knife.” In my opinion, the knife also has two sides. It depends on you that you can use the knife in the useful way as the real knife can be used in your daily life. You can be a good wife with the knife because you can use knife to make amazing food for your husband. Conversely, you can also use the knife to make a tragedy scene. Therefore, you can choose your way by yourself.

Love is always bitter-sweet. No one will be happy or sad about love all the time. Love has both sides itself. It can fulfill your hope or make you upset. Hence, Carol Ann Duffy’s Valentine is the poem that builds the realistic portray of love to make the reader be aware of love because love is not always beautiful, sometimes it is painful.

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