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Love between People Essay

In the novel The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks, love is portrayed in many ways. By looking at the characters, Taylor McAden, Kyle Holton, Denise Holton and Mitch Kindle, it is clear that love is inevitable and although they try to ignore fate, it will be very difficult to overcome. This is shown through the lives of Kyle and Denise, Taylor and Denise, and Mitch and Taylor. The characters in the novel all reveal the theme of being rescued by love; as a result it proves that although there are people who try to ignore their fate, there are those who are willing to follow their fate, knowing that there will many difficult obstacles to overcome.

Kyle and Denise are one of the many characters in the novel The Rescue to help portray the theme of love through their relationship with one other and their actions towards each other. Denise helps to reveal the theme throughout the novel with many different characters. Denise reveals the theme of love through her son Kyle, by the way she interacts with him, and this is also known, when Denise is thinking, “You’ve got to help me find my baby! He’s only four.” (Sparks 22). This quote states that Denise has a very close relationship with her son, Kyle and she cares very deeply for his well-being.

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This quote also states that since Denise is very concerned about finding her child, that she is a mother who has a special bond with her child and that she is a parent who is willing to do anything for her child. Kyle also helps to reveal the theme through his actions and words. This is known, when Kyle says, “I wuff you, Money” which is translated into “I love you, Mommy” (274). This quote states that Kyle indeed, loves his mother very much, because saying you love somebody, is the most precious thing you can say to somebody. The quote also states that Kyle is expressing his feelings and emotions to his mom, who he loves very much. Both Kyle and Denise help to portray the theme of love towards each other; this is also portrayed between the relationship between Denise and Taylor.

Denise and Taylor are also one of the many characters who help to uncover the theme of love. They help to uncover the theme of love in their relationship towards each other sexually, and verbally. Denise bares the theme of love towards Taylor, by the way that they interact with each other, and their sexual relationship. This is known when Taylor tells Denise, “I care about you more than I ever cared about anyone” (269).

This quotation states that Taylor really cares for Denise, and that he wants to let her know that he is there for her. Denise helps to reveal the theme, when she shows Taylor that she loves him and cares for him, when she gives him a kiss (278). That states that both Denise and Taylor have a deeper relationship, where the theme of love is expressed between the two of them more. Taylor and Denise both add on to help reveal that the theme of the novel is love. This is also portrayed through the relationship between Mitch and Taylor.

Taylor and Mitch are another set of characters that help to reveal the theme of love through their relationship. The author helps to uncover the theme of love, through the relationship statues of the two males. This is known, when Mitch tells Taylor, “I’ll always forgive you Taylor…” (236) this states that Mitch loves Taylor so much that he is willing to forgive him no matter what he does. It also states that their relationship is very strong and that they are always there for one another. Taylor also helps to reveal the theme of love, when he says, “Mitch was like a brother to me” (246). This quote states that Taylor loves Mitch so much, that he considers Mitch as his brother; as part o his family. This proves that the author reveals the message through the characters, so that the readers can have a better understanding of what the theme is going to be, or about.

In the novel The Rescue, the characters show that love is inevitable, and no matter what they try to do, it will always be there, and that there is no way to avoid it. Although love exists in the world, there are people in this world who will try to avoid their fate. It is inevitable, because there will always be love surrounding us, and no matter how hard we try to push it away and ignore it, it will always find its way back to us.

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