Love and Patriotism Essay

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Love and Patriotism

Patriotism is a frame of mind in which one loves one’s country and is proud of it. It is a vigorous feeling of love, loyalty and support for one’s country especially in defense against its enemies. It means that one should give more value and importance to one’s country than to one’s own self. It makes one bound for certain responsibilities, and these responsibilities are ideological commitment and dedication to the defense and prosperity of one’s country.

“Only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country. (Nathan Hale) Man is a social animal. It is hard for him to breathe in isolation. Contact with his fellow beings is inevitable for mutual growth and economic development. Patriotism creates unity among the people for a noble cause and trains them to tolerate one and other and sacrifice for the country. “Soldiers die not in hatred but in love.” (Anonymous)

Patriotism is a virtue that converts a mob into nation. Nations rise and prosper if their individuals are united by a cord of love, sympathy and sincerity. People learn to honor the freedom and independence of their country. They learn that they can prosper and progress if they have a deep natural relation with their country. Birds fly towards their nests, children rush to take refuge in the lap of their mothers and human beings move towards their homes for peace and shelter, and so is our country that gives us protection and peace. It is a sort of heaven for us.

We should try our best to make it beautiful, secure, strong and peaceful. Our existence definitely depends on the existence and survival of our dear homeland. We can do so if we have an ultimate faith in our country. We must not undermine our relationship and association which we have with our homeland by birth. “Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.” (Mareus)

Disciplined armed forces, hardworking and skillful craftsmen, diligent and committed women, and ambitious students have only one aim and that is to serve their country. They believe that their personal achievement will benefit not only themselves but also their country. They want to raise the flag of their country because they have a strong sense of patriotism. Love works wonders. Miracles are not beyond us if we are fired with the passion of patriotism. Patriotism fills us with a magnetic force which overcomes all our petty differences of languages and creeds.

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