The Stress of Losing Valuables: A Personal Account

If you have never lost or misplaced something valuable to you, let me tell you it is not very fun. It is very stressful and can ruin your entire day. I would also suggest not doing such a thing because your family will never forget how funny you looked freaking out over the whole thing. In my case, it was my most precious possession at the time, my wallet, or purse for some, is a precious item in which most people carry things more essential than money towards everyday life.

Some are made of Velcro, they can be snap buttons, or they can simply fold up (hence the term “billfold”).

Mine was a Fossil leather brown tri-fold that I got as a Christmas gift from my grandparents more that five years ago. I’ve had that square leathery keep safe all my life, and I wasn’t planning on losing or throwing it away, ever. If some people were to lose that portable safe, they may be offset for the rest of that day.

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The person without that wallet could be cranky or depressed for a while. Maybe something of great sentimental value was in that wallet. This person could stay hold these feelings for a long time, until they find their belongings by which case they are filled with joy.

I myself, personally, keep anything I may have interest in knowing where it is, in my trusty, four-sided, tough wallet. I am also very good about always having my wallet and never losing it.

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.. until recently. In my wallet, I store dire personal items such as my license and some pictures. When you open the pocketbook up, you immediately see a picture of myself, which is one my driver’s license. In the picture I am wearing a Notre Dame sweatshirt, and my hair is way too long. No, I was not going for the “JB” haircut look I had it way before all the “Bieber Fever” fan base came to be thank you very much.

The pictures are of my dearly beloved family – mom, dad, brother and sister, grandma and grandpa; the people who mean the most to me on this earth. Among other things, I have my money, like everybody else, and certificates for stores like Pac Sun, Express (Yes I like to have a nice formal wardrobe), and various restaurants like Chipotle or Panera Bread. This summer, I went to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with my Mom and sister. We flew down there and I took my wallet with me, like I would any other time. We had a two-hour flight at six in the morning. That was hell. I personally like waking up early, it’s the two women in my family that do not. The day is too precious to sleep it away. They were in crabby moods from when we left the house, till we got all the way to our first stop, Atlanta Georgia. The airport in ATL is huge! I thought of it as its own personal little city. You could literally live in this place. There are boutiques and restaurants lined down the halls where businessman, sports teams, and eager families ready to go on vacation busily run down to catch their next flight. We had an hour layover so we decided to eat some breakfast since it was only about eight-thirtyish o’clock. I got some delicious chicken biscuits from Chic-Fil-A and they hit the spot.

Hot and juicy chicken tasted so good with the honey glazed biscuit that was baked perfectly with a nice crust and soft, chewy insides. After we had our food fixes, we relaxed in some seats we found near a window while we waited for our next flight to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The flight lasted for about two hours. The plane landed smoothly on the runway and we were ready to get our vacation started. Me being the only male on the trip only had one bag, which was checked in as a carryon. Well, for the other two females, had at least one other bag each and for that, we had to wait in baggage claim for just about an hour.

After that was all settled and done, we went and got our rental car, which was a bluish purplish metallic Saab convertible. The drop top came in handy on that hot and muggy Florida with cool breezes. As we drove away and pulled out into the street, the whole skyline opened up over the horizon. Ginormous hotels were lined up right after the next that overlooked the calm Atlantic Ocean. You could see pelicans flying around them amongst the light blue sky, that which completed the ideal look of southern Florida in my book. We got to our hotel, it wasn’t as tall or fancy looking outside as did the others, but inside was very nice.

It had shinny marble floors with antique couches and of course, a piano in the lobby. Me being the instrument lover that I am, I naturally walked over and played a tune or three while my mom and sister got us checked in to our room. The piano was a neatly kept Yamaha that was black with gold pedals. It had a sound to it that would melt an angel’s heart, or any girls’ that seemed my age and happened to be walking by for that matter. We rode the elevator up to the tenth floor. Inside there were golden handrails with mirrors on every side, there was no music playing.

We reached the floor that our room was on and we walked to the door, sliding the plastic card to unlock the door, and away we went inside to see where we would be residing for the next week. The room was square with two beds that was neatly made and had plain beige colored bedspread. I immediately called sleeping by myself since I was the only guy, and I also knew that my sister kicks and grinds her teeth when she sleeps and I did not want any part of that on my vacation. We got settled in, I took a shower since I hadn’t that morning since we got up so early. When I got out the two girls were already gone so I called my sister.

“Where did you guys go? ” I asked. “Oh, we’re down outside sitting at a table. Come join us and we’ll get something to eat” was the response my sister gave. That’s all I needed to hear, the word FOOD. I am always hungry, so I got dressed quickly and ran out the room. I put on a grey Rip Curl “bro-tank” and some black shorts that I had gotten from one of my baseball teams that didn’t have pockets in them. As I left the room I made myself do a mental check of my valuables; phone, wallet, check. The girl met me in the lobby and we walked out to the rental car, I offered to drive.

My mom stops dead in her tracks and says, “Oh shoot, I forgot my sunglasses up in the room. Hold on I’ll be right back. ” Me and my sister wait outside the car and talk about what all we are trying to do while we’re are down here in the beautiful city of Ft. Lauderdale. Well, when someone doesn't have pockets, then it is hard to keep their wallet right next to them at all times. I was carrying my wallet and my phone out from the hotel, along with the rental keys that my mom tossed to me when I offered to drive the fancy convertible, and set the wallet and keys on top of the car.

There was no way I was putting my phone down, I had to be taking pictures of course. My mom shortly returned, passing back through the sliding glass doors to the entrance of the hotel with her big, black sunglasses on her head, so I opened up the door and got in the drivers’ seat of the car. When I figured out that I needed the keys in order to get in the car and turn it on, I reached up and took them off the top of the roof, unknowingly leaving my wallet leaving my wallet behind. I sat in the car, car door open, waiting for my mom to make it to the car so we could all go to a diving area.

Once he made it to the car, without thinking, I closed the door and started the car. I had been driving about a mile or two before I realized that my wallet was no longer on my body. Immediately, I pulled the car over, and the next hour or so was spent looking for my wallet. All I could think about was what I would lose if I didn't find my favorite and only wallet. The week before was my birthday, and I was given sixty dollars to Best Buy and fifty dollars to Auto Zone. Pictures of loved family members, and aside from that I had about forty dollars in cash.

While walking up and down the road that my wallet had to have flown off on, my sister found my Best Buy card. That eased my mind a little. However, that was all we found of my dear wallet. My family and I gave up after wasting an hour of finding nothing. I didn’t want to drive anymore. Losing my wallet made me depressed for the rest of the day. I could not believe I did something so stupid. Now, if you haven’t flown on an airplane recently you know that you cannot get onto a plane without your I. D. I had no problem staying in Ft. Lauderdale until I got a new I. D., but my mom was not very happy and this made her and I quite nervous. We got to this little restaurant a few blocks down which had good reviews that we read about. The food was delicious. I had king crab legs and sweet tea. The crab was so fresh and the tea was as sweet as a box of chocolates. This meal kind of made me feel a little better, but my spirits were still crushed after had just losing my wallet and a lot of personal objects in it. We had spent the whole day sitting by the pool and walking along side the white sandy shore talking and having a good time.

The next day I received a call from my grandmother - the sheriff’s department from Broward County, where I was during this fiasco, contacted her and when she answered the phone the sheriff said, "This is Deputy 'so-and-so' from the Broward County sheriffs department. Do you know Morgan Anderson? " This startled my grandmother. The sheriff then continued to explain to her that he had found my wallet with a picture of my grandma and her phone number on the back, some two miles from the hotel in which I was staying. She gave me that picture with the number in case I forget her number. Now how sweet is that?

He left her information on how to contact him if she wished to retrieve my wallet. My grandmother called me and relayed that information. That very afternoon I got with the sheriff and recovered my wallet. That made my day, knowing that everything I had lost in my wallet was now returned to me, except for my forty dollars in cash, which seemed odd, but didn't really matter to me at that time. I was just happy to have my square leather tri fold Fossil wallet back in my possession again. Obviously this made the trip that much more enjoyable and relaxing, especially for the sake of my mind.

We spent our time soaking up the sun at the pool and beach, snorkeling in the deep blue ocean looking at the reef and vibrant fish, ate at delicious cafe’s and restaurants, and of course with the two girls, shopping. All in all, it was a very solid trip. Before we knew it, it was that time to leave and go home. Luckily, we didn’t have an early flight out of there so we could spend a little time on the last day doing whatever we wanted. I just chose to sit outside and listen to music. I got to know a few people in the hotel that were also on vacation so I spent a little time talking with them.

You wouldn’t believe how many people are there from international countries. It then came time to check out and leave the hotel. We hopped into the rental car one last time and made way for the airport. The whole flight I slept comfortably with my headphones in listening to some Red Hot Chili Peppers’ funky bass lines and catchy choruses, which kept me, sound asleep. I woke up when the plane touched down in Kansas City, there we claimed our baggage and walked to my mom’s car that had been waiting for us since we left that exact day a week ago.

After I had been sleeping for a straight six hours, I had some restored energy and wanted to drive us home. “Got your wallet? ” My mom sarcastically asked as she looked at me and smiled while she handed me her keys. I didn’t say anything back I just laughed, pulled it out and showed it to her as a entered the car. Since that single event, I have lost my wallet two other times, none as serious as before though. These were just for about ten or thirty minutes when it was in my room or in my car somewhere.

I have also lost something sincere to me by putting it on top of the car, my morning coffee. The carelessness of my misplacing’s have taught me a lesson, simply think before I act. This is something everyone is told to do numerous times; it is a good attribute to have. Only now, it is easier for me to apply that to my actions. If I follow that idea I could avoid future problems like this, preemptive caution. It took a scare like this for it to finally kick in to me, and now every time before I drive off I get out of the car and look at the roof just incase I’m forgetting something.

Updated: Apr 29, 2023
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