Losing One’s Touch and Feeling Essay

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Losing One’s Touch and Feeling

While others consider that losing their sense of sight or hearing would most impair how they deal with the world; I believe that losing my sense of touch would bring the most disastrous consequences, not only to me but to all living things.

            The organ which most figures in the sense of touch is the skin. The skin is the heaviest organ in the body and is the most obvious since it covers our bodies (Goldstein, 2007). The most evident function of the skin is to give us form and shape (Goldstein, 2007). It also acts as a barrier between what’s inside our bodies and that of the outside environment. The skin keeps bodily fluids essential to our survival contained within our bodies (Goldstein, 2007). Coincident to this is the fact that the skin also prevents the entry of foreign substances such as bacteria, dirt and other chemical agents that are mostly harmful for the body (Goldstein, 2007). Indeed without the two latter functions, life is impossible.

            The skin reacts to different stimuli. Without the sense of touch, we would miss a lot of information coming from the environment (Goldstein, 2007). Blind people illustrate the importance of the sense of touch through Braille (Goldstein, 2007). Information regarding dangerous objects and environments is more effectively communicated through the sense of touch than through other senses. Undeniably, the absence of this sense could greatly damage our perception of pain. The individual could thus suffer major injuries or even worse, die. Having enumerated some of the sense’s primary functions, it is obvious why I would most likely keep my sense of touch.

                As mentioned above, the skin receives and responds to different kinds of stimuli. One of such is temperature. If I were to lose my ability to feel heat, cold or pressure; it is very likely that I could sustain major injuries such as those brought about by exposure to extreme cold or heat. Coping would really be difficult in that I would probably need the help and supervision of other people for the rest of my life.


Goldstein, B. (2007). The Cutaneous Senses. Sensation and Perception. Belmont, CA: Thomson Higher Education

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