Lorenzo’s Oil Reaction Paper Essay

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Lorenzo’s Oil Reaction Paper

George Miller’s film “Lorenzo’s Oil” demonstrates the vital importance of extensive research. If you do not conduct proper research you will never gather enough information to make smart decisions. The moving film is about a little boy named Lorenzo Odone and his two parents Michaela and Augusto Odone who conduct a relentless search for a cure for their son’s Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) through extensive research. The Odones found their so prognosis unacceptable and amazingly, they did something to change it. Both Mr. and Mrs. Odone set out to educate themselves to tackle a complex medical mystery, and take on the slow-moving medical establishment in the process. On their own, they undertook the job of determining what, if anything, would keep their son alive.

This film discovers a different kind of courage than the quality that is usually displayed on drama movies. “Lorenzo’s Oil” is not the sentimental television-movie version of such a tale. There are no false miracle and no self-congratulatory triumphs. The movie displays tremendous compassion for all three Odones and what they have been. The Odones organize their own medical symposium doing extensive research work that leads to the title discovery, a miraculous substance that is mostly olive oil. The most evoking scene in Lorenzo’s Oil comes when Augusto Odone is challenged about the oil. “I am not a scientist, I am a father and nobody can tell me what dressing I can put on my kid’s salad, O.K.?” Due to the Odones extensive research about ALD they were able to create an oil to prolong the life of their son that was diagnosed to die within two years.

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