Lord of the Rings

Categories: The Lord of the Rings

Book Title: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Book Reading Level: 6.1

Overall theme: The overall theme of this book is that many things can prevent you from achieving your goal; even if this will happen, you can keep persevering and eventually you will reach your goal.

Date: 10/19/19

Pages/chapters: Pages 1 - 40 / Prologue - End of Chapter 1

State the quotes that stood out and explain its importance (focus on the depth and complexity prompts!)

On page 30, the narrator says, I am going.

I am leaving NOW. GOOD-BYE! He stepped down and vanished. There was a blinding flash of light, and the guesta all blinked. When they opened their eyes Bilbo was nowhere to be seen.

This shows multiple perspectives. Bilbo and Frodo both think of it as a joke, while the guests were shocked. This also shows that even if one thinks about something that to them is funny, others may disagree and have a different attitude towards you.

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On page 31, the narrator states,Into the envelope he slipped his golden ring, and its fine chain, and then sealed it, and addressed it to Frodo.

This shows an important event. Bilbo is going to give the ring to Frodo. That ring is very important and is a secret that Bilbo was keeping for a long time. This one event might change the whole story and Frodo 's life.

Date: 10/20/19

Pages/chapters: Pages 41 - 63 / Chapter 2

State the quotes that stood out and explain its importance (focus on the depth and complexity prompts!)

On page 49, the narrator states, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

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This quote is very important because it is showing the main idea of the story. It is about this One Ring that the Dark Lord wants to get back, while the heroes want to destroy it and prevent the Dark Lord from ruling everything. This is also what the text on the ring translates to. Another reason why this is important is because it is a start of Gandalf going to tell Frodo about the ring 's history and how to destroy it. Without this, Gandalf wouldn 't be able to confirm that it is the One Ring and Frodo wouldn 't know this valuable information.

On page 55, the narrator states, In which case, you also were meant to have it. And that may be an encouraging thought.

This shows more different perspectives. First, Gandalf thinks that Bilbo and Frodo were supposed to have the ring, while Frodo still doesn 't understand if it is true, or if Gandalf is still guessing about its origins. After this quote, the narrator continues with Gandalf going deeper in his story about the ring.

Date: 10/23/19

Pages/chapters: 64 - 83 / Chapter 3

State the quotes that stood out and explain its importance (focus on the depth and complexity prompts!)

On page 65, the narrator states, Mr. Frodo was selling Bag End

This shows multiple perspectives because most of them think that he is moving away. Only him, Gandalf, and Sam know about his plan with the ring.

On page 70, the narrator states , When the light of the last

This shows an important idea. Without Frodo leaving, the adventure wouldn 't be able to continue and the story will be stuck on this part.

Date: 10/26/19

Pages/chapters: 84 - 131 / Chapter 4 - Chapter 7

State the quotes that stood out and explain its importance (focus on the depth and complexity prompts!)

On page 86, the narrator states,Short cuts make long delays

This proves multiple perspectives when Pippin and Frodo were arguing about cutting through the road or not. Even though, Pippin made a good point about cutting through the road.

On page 95, the narrator states, Yes of course

At first, the reader would think that the Black Riders had found Frodo, but they soon realize that it is Merry, one of their friends. He was guarding the home in the last chapter, which is a relief for the rest of them. Again, this shows multiple perspectives, Merry 's and the other hobbits.

On page 131, the narrator states, -then he slipped the ring on

This is very important because even though Gandalf told Frodo many times not to use the ring, he used it in the end. As of now, we don 't know what will happen to Frodo because he did that.

Date: 10/27/19

Pages/chapters: 132 - 170 / Chapter 8 - Chapter 10

State the quotes that stood out and explain its importance (focus on the depth and complexity prompts!)

On page 140, the narrator states, But Tom shook his head

This is an important lesson. Sometimes in order to do something, you have to sacrifice something else. In this case, it was their clothes, for they were messed up. With the help of Tom, again, they then got another pony, and were able to wear better clothes.

On page 152, the narrator states,The hobbits did not pay much

This shows multiple perspectives. The four hobbits were in The Prancing Pony, an inn, and many others were there, too. So, each and everyone of them has their own perspective, but even though, the hobbits weren 't so interested or paying attention to any of the others perspectives for it did not concern them. They weren 't interested in others, while the others were interested in them.

On page 157, the narrator states, Well? said Strider, when

This is another important event. This is the second time that Frodo wore the ring. This time, it might have been an accident, but he still put it on in the end. Frodo should have been more careful because a lot of people saw him when it happened, for he was at the center of their attention. Strider obviously knows about it, for he even called him Mr. Baggins, not Mr. Underhill. Gandalf had warned him many times not to wear it and he still did, so let 's just hope that Frodo wouldn 't be in too much danger than he already is in.

On page 168, the narrator states, But I am the real Strider fortunately

This reveals a new ally to Frodo and the other hobbits, for they first thought of him as an enemy with his looks. After he makes things clearer, it will be better for them to have another ally alongside them to help them in their journey.

How are aspects of the Monomyth/the Hero 's Journey seen in this week 's reading?

First, in the beginning, the narrator introduces us to many characters, mainly Bilbo, Frodo, and Gandalf, and their ordinary world, the Shire/ Bag End. This reveals the first aspect, The Ordinary World.

The Call to Adventure probably is when Gandalf tells Bilbo to give the ring to Frodo. Bilbo goes away, and now Frodo has it.

The Refusal of the Call might be when Frodo wanted to give Gandalf the ring.

Meeting the Mentor was when Gandalf was introducing Frodo to the history of the ring and what to do about it.

Crossing the Threshold is when Frodo, Sam, and Pippin travel away from Bag End/Hobbiton.

Tests, Allies, and Enemies are also shown in this week 's reading.

Some of the Tests are to make it safely to Frodo 's new home, avoid the Black Riders, to figure out a way to go into the Old Forest, to get through the fog, and to escape from the Barrow-wights.

Frodo 's allies are Gandalf, Sam, Pippin, Merry, Fredegar, the Elves, the Maggot family, Tom Bombadil, Goldberry, Fatty Lumpkin, the ponies, Nob, Bob, Barliman Butterbur and Strider/Aragorn.

His enemies are the Black Riders, Bill Ferny, and Sauron.

Date: 10/28/19

Pages/chapters: 171 - 192 / Chapter 11

State the quotes that stood out and explain its importance (focus on the depth and complexity prompts!)

On page 173, the narrator states, Meanwhile, they had another errand

This is important because it tells the reader that the Black Riders have realized that the ring isn 't in the house that Frodo supposedly was meant to live in. This might mean that they will explore elsewhere and soon find out they are staying inside of the inn. Maybe they might be caught, for in the last chapter, it is said that the Black Riders were seen in the area.

On page 191, the narrator states, He shut his eyes and struggled

This is now the third time that he put on the ring. This was because he felt threatened and scared, for the Black Riders were so close to them. Now, the Black Riders know where he his; the ring draws it to the current owner. Now, Frodo might get so attached to it, and he might be in more danger than he already is in.

Date: 10/29/19

Pages/chapters: 193 - 209 / Chapter 12 - End of Part One

State the quotes that stood out and explain its importance (focus on the depth and complexity prompts!)

On page 196, the narrator states, He held out his hand, and showed a

This shows the reader that Strider/Aragorn found an elf-stone called beryl. This might be a sign to the hobbits or just some good luck. I think that this jewel might have some purposes in the future. If it doesn't, this one part gives the reader a nicer feeling; after the attack, it feels kind of tense continuing the journey, so this makes the mood a be a bit happier.

On page 198, the narrator states, Frodo has been touched

This shows multiple perspectives. Even though Frodo is injured, Strider holes keeps the team 's spirits up by being optimistic. On the other hand, Sam is very worried and scared and Strider helps him with that.

Date: 10/30/19

Pages/chapters: 210 - 232 / Chapter 13

State the quotes that stood out and explain its importance (focus on the depth and complexity prompts!)

On page 216, the narrator states, Yes, fortune or fate have helped

This is very important, for if it wasn 't for Gandalf reassuring Frodo about what had happened to him, he would have been like the Ringwraiths. This means that Frodo was very lucky after the attack on Weathertop.

On page 224, the narrator states, The dark figure raised its head and

This is also another important event, for this is when Frodo meets Bilbo again after many years. This then brings back memories and teaches Bilbo that the ring is very dangerous for Frodo to have as a burden.

Date: 11/2/19

Pages/chapters: 233 - 323 / Chapter 14 - Chapter 17

State the quotes that stood out and explain its importance (focus on the depth and complexity prompts!)

On page 237, the narrator states, Fruitless did I call the

This is important because it informs the reader that Sauron won 't be defeated until the ring will be destroyed, which is why Sauron is rising up again.

On page 240, the narrator states, 'Seek for the Sword that was· '

This is the riddle that the people attending Elrond 's Council need to solve in order to stop Sauron. It is important because it is giving a clue to the heroes.

On page 248, the narrator states, Alas! Alas! cried Legolas· '

This shows that even after Gollum has been caught, he had some allies cause a distraction and set him free.

On page 253, the narrator states ,  He came and laid his

This is very important because it shows that one ally has turned to follow Sauron. At first we think of him as a good person, but this proves that he is now bad.

On page 264, the narrator states, I will take the

This shows that Frodo thinks that his friends shouldn 't have the burden of the Ring on them and it should be his responsibility.

On page 281, the narrator states, I wonder if this is a

This shows that the Enemy is getting more powerful as the Company advances there trek through the land. Now, he might have the power of weather in a certain area.

On page 300, the narrator states,With a suddenness that startled

This shows that sometimes things are easier than it seems when the clue to opening the doors was shown in the translation. If at first things are hard, it might mean that you are concentrating too hard and you should try to look at in an obvious way for a moment. If you do, sometimes it might be right.

On page 322, the narrator states,  You cannot pass, he said

This shows Gandalf 's attempt to make sure that the Balrog doesn 't get to the Company. Also, the Balrog really cannot pass, for it is a narrow bridge. The bridge then cracked and broke down. As the Balrog fell, it took Gandalf with it, and Gandalf is now gone.

Date: 11/3/19

Pages/chapters: 324 - 398 / Chapter 18 - Chapter 22 (End of the Book)

State the quotes that stood out and explain its importance (focus on the depth and complexity prompts!)

On page

How are aspects of the Monomyth/the Hero 's Journey seen in this week 's reading?

Tests, Allies, and Enemies are also shown again.

The Tests are to get to Rivendell, and to survive the attack of the shadows.

Their allies are the hobbits on the journey, Strider/Aragorn, Gandalf, Glorfindel, Bilbo, Elrond, Arwen, Gloin, Gimli, Legolas, Galdor, Boromir, Radagast, Gwaihir, and Shadowfax.

Their enemies are the Black Riders/Ringwraiths, Sauron, and Saruman.

The Approach is seen here, when Frodo gets a very bad wound.

The Ordeal, Death, and Rebirth is also shown in this week 's reading.

The Ordeal is losing Gandalf when he fell with the Balrog

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