Lord of the Flies Essay

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Lord of the Flies

I am running for your class vice president. As many of you know, our sophomore class as of right now does not have much funding for our 2016 senior prom. When this student council is elected, you want to have the correct people for the jobs that hold your future of fun. The memorable time of high school. Let me tell you why I am qualified for your class vice presidency. In middle school, I was chosen to be in a 12 person leadership class. There I learned very useful and important information as to being a good leader. Some of those leadership skills included working together to succeed greatness.

As your vice president I will strive for this government to be totally student ran where your voice will be very much welcomed, listened to, and taken into much consideration. I care about your input. It is not only my senior prom, it is yours. There is no ‘I’ in team, but there is an ‘E’ as in ‘we’. Together WE will make this our time. I am very organized and on top of everything I have on my plate. I will work very hard and dedicate myself with the rest of the student council to get what you want and to make it succeed.

Team building and working together is something I have a lot of experience with. Since last year, I have been on my church’s youth council where about 15 people come together to plan all the youth events. That has taught me what things work and what things do not work when planning events. We have to work in a democracy and hear everyone out before officially deciding on which path to take to our future. With this in mind, I guarantee you that your senior prom will go down in history as the most fun and zealous one yet.

Everyone will be involved while planning and you will be extremely notified when decisions are to be made. But to do that, there needs to be aggressive, but enjoyable fundraising. Fundraising is at the top of the list our class has to do to make our senior prom count. Some ideas for great events to be held are car washes, concession stands held at Patriot athletic activities, selling class shirts, class raffles, bake sales, 5ks, holding talent shows with admission going towards our goal, and having our lovely administrators getting involved and a little dirty with “Choose a ‘Torture.

’” There are so many ideas that can be carried out to make sure we have the funding we need. I am asking you to bring your picture student ID on Friday and to please elect me your class vice president so these ideas will be put to action. Some of you might be asking, “Who is this girl? ” I play for your Lake Brantley Girls’ Basketball team and I currently run for your Girl’s Cross Country team as well. You can get to know me on twitter @lizzettealvarez. Mention me or simply DM me on twitter to learn more about me.

Come up to me and introduce yourself and give me ideas as to what can be done to make our class activities and fundraising more improved. And as I close, I just want to thank all of you for listening and taking me into great consideration to becoming your class vice president. I am 100% dedicated to making your senior year unforgettable. I have a dream that one day in the year 2016 our prom night will be spectacular. That on that magical night, everyone will be content with what will be going down. Turning up, fun, and un-mundane memories being made.

I have a dream that this sophomore class right here and right now can impact our community in a spectacular and rare way so that nobody will forget us. I have a dream that we will live on as legends as the best class to ever be at Lake Brantley. But only you can make that dream come to reality. YOU have to bring your student photo ID to the cafeteria and vote on Friday September 6 for me to be your class vice president to make the dreams come true. Just remember to vote for the proper people that will get the job beautifully, simply, and flawlessly done. Thank you

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