Looking at deviance and the way it is applicable to crime would

Looking at deviance and the way it is applicable to crime would involve looking at it from two perspectives, individually and collectively. Deviance from an individual perspective you have to take into account biological factors as well as psychological. Deviance as a collective, which is a social structure members of a society follows.

Rape is an unlawful sexual activity which is usually brought upon someone forcibly and likely under threat of injury against their will, typically of a female who is beneath a certain age and incapable of consent.

About 3.9 % of rapists were found to have some type of head injuries in Sweden. Then Sadistic rapists have shown abnormalities within the temporal horn. Although Psychiatric disorders majority of rapists are not mentally disordered. People with schizophrenia or related psychoses are more likely to commit rape or show abnormal sexual behavior. It is four times more likely that someone who is schizophrenic to convict a serious sexual offence than those with mental illness.

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Research confirms that child abuse and the experience of family violence can be significant predictors of adult violence, such as murder. It’s said that a severe long term brain function can come from their early childhood. To add, being rejected by a primary caretaker can make it extremely hard for young children to form the secure attachment necessary to make them feel safe. When children are neglected, physically, verbally abused, or bullied, they often carry a deep sense of shame and guilt with them in their adult lives.

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A study of 2,005 individuals convicted of homicide or attempted homicide in Sweden from 1988 to 2001 found that 229 (11%) had schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

Then a non-deviant structure could be many things such as someone who constantly is a rule follower. As most humans follow the laws or unspoken rules we as humans tend to follow such as to hold the door open for a fellow pedestrian entering a building if within a particular distance. However, someone might remark that another person is rude because he or she did not hold the door open. While society might view as it is mandatory to show up to most job interviews wearing a suit rather than casual attire, you will likely not be out of the running for the job if you are wearing jeans rather than a suit. Showing up nude to most interviews, you would likely be stigmatized for your behavior, since it would be such a drastic departure from the norm.

We as humans have many unwritten “laws” we follow, and a lot of us learn right from wrong at a very early childhood. Then again it all depends on how we were raised and learned to take things in. Majority of us grew up in a safe home, but those who didn’t you can tend to tell they are outside of the norm. Not saying all grow up murders and rapist but many kids with a very rough background seem to fall into the system.

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