LONDON Essay Topics

Aims and objectives

Based on these characteristics of project management, it can be gathered that an event is also a project. What distinguishes an event from other projects is that it has a very strong marketing element because it involves many actors, from the provider of the product or service and the prospective clients. Events assembles people therefore… View Article

Big Ben

London is a city in the southeast of England, on the River Thames. It is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. 7. 5 million people live in London. London is the biggest city in the United Kingdom and in Europe. Most people in London are English. However, London also has many migrants, who… View Article

William Blake’s London

William Blake’s London reflects the reality of the Romantic period as per the tone of the poem suggest. Reading upon the poem, reader can assume that the setting is such a lifeless place to live. It has tight quatrain rhymes and words that imply limitations and restrictions. Like for example the word “charterd” combined from… View Article

The Great Fire of London

The late 1600s were a time of great tragedy and sorrow for the people of the city of London, England, as well as many others throughout Europe (Tinniswood). It was during this time that the Black Plaque took millions of lives and spread, along with disease, a great deal of sadness and financial, emotional and… View Article

Procedure for Protecting Clients Patients and Colleagues from Harm

The Mayor’s role as the executive of the strategic authority for London is to promote economic development and wealth creation, social development, and the improvement of the environment. The Mayor also has a number of other duties in relation to culture and tourism, including responsibility for Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square. The Mayor has a… View Article

A Trivia on its Own

John Gay’s Trivia, an epic poem divided into three books, comments on London during the early 18th century. In the poem, the author’s persona is captured in the Walker who bears witness to the different activities that filled the streets of London at the time. The entire length of the poem is filled with a… View Article

City of New London

The City of New London exercised its power of eminent domain to appropriate properties of a number of its citizens for purposes of selling it to private developers. Unwilling citizens including petitioner Suzette Kelo and other similarly situated individuals contested the aforementioned governmental action saying that it was done in violation of the takings clause… View Article

Loft Living

My dictionary defines loft as a room or place used for storing things. (Oxford’s learner’s advanced. 2009 edition) Loft places have become a fashionable lifestyle choice in London. As a result the design of lofty interiors, their accessories and associated urban lifestyle have become iconic images of cool London or cool urban living. In this… View Article

London by William Blake

Question- Identify a poem that makes a social or political statement. Explain what statement is being made and, with close references to the text, analyse the literary conventions used to convey the statements. Further, explain how this helps you gain a stronger understanding of the poem`s main theme(s). I have chosen the poem London by… View Article

Sandhurst School Bombing by Wendy Malezo

Many people have remembered the unfortunate events of the Sandhurst Road School bombing as a drastic and tragic act of wickedness. The Sandhurst Road School bombing occurred at a ‘big’ and ‘imposing’ school on Minard Road in Catford, South East London on Wednesday 20th January 1943 when a German fighter-bomber dropped a ‘500kg’ bomb on… View Article

The City of London

London is the capital city of United kingdom and it is considered as the chief city of British Commonwealth. It is considered one of the greatest and oldest centers of finance, industry and culture in the world. The city is also one of the largest in the world (How stuff works, par 1). It is… View Article


London in the 18th century brought about a revolution in urbanisation and the expansion of an urbanised city began in England and spread rapidly all around Europe. Urbanisation brought a dramatic and radical change to London, significantly in the impact of the Industrial Revolution which was effected urban society. There were both general and particular… View Article

Transportation in London

The red London double-decker bus also known as the Route master is kind of a trademark for London. It is a part of the streets of London. It has been there for many years and still is. London’s bus network is extensive, with over 6,800 scheduled services every weekday carrying about six million passengers on… View Article

V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta, the dystopian film based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore, is the film that will be discussed in this response. The film showcases a world that is ravaged by nuclear war, and is centered on England (more specifically London), which is shown as being ruled over by a fascist party known… View Article

Even Sigmund Freud participated

Today the medical sphere may offer us good examples of how the existing diversification of approaches and methods towards the treatment of people is related to the fundamental shifts in our perception of the old problem of finding the connection between the human body and the mind. In fact, on one hand medicine as such… View Article

The curious incident of the dog

The main character of this story was a 15-yrear-old boy called Christopher John Francis Boone, who got a dereism. He lived with his father and his pet mouse. One night, Christopher discovered that the dog Wellington, which belonged to his neighbour, Mrs. Shears was killed. He liked Wellington so much and so he tried to… View Article

The marriage created

The marriage created by Mr. and Mrs. Bennet is one in which the partners are not well matched. Mr. Bennet seems to have chosen his wife based on shallow attributes such as physical beauty, rather than for meaningful reasons that have the power to sustain the happiness of both. The two have created an environment… View Article

Informal Letter

I’m sorry I haven’t written for ages as I have been busy studying The last few months and haven’t had the time. Any way, I thought I’d drop you a line and tell you about my visit to London . First of all, London is one from the most popular cities in the world As… View Article

Operation management – London eye case study

“Quality means consistence conformance to costumer expectations” (Slack, Chambers & Johnston 2010 pg 40) Quality for the London eye could mean designing a structure that provides a bird’s eye view of London. Quality could also mean a high design of their processes, including ensuring that all 32 capsules are cleaned, staff are well trained in… View Article

Using examples, discuss the extent to which regeneration

Regeneration refers to in the investment of capital in the revival of old and declining urban areas either by improving what is left behind or clearing away and rebuilding. Often it may be accompanied by reimaging to change the dominant perception of an urban area. Such regeneration efforts can be seen in the town of… View Article

Project Management Wembley

Project Description The aim of the Wembley Stadium project was to build a new 90,000 seat state of art stadium. The new stadium was going to be used for a variety of functions ranging from football and rugby matches to concerts and private events. The stadium was to have a 50-year design life, and be… View Article

Traffic Congestion in London

Currently, most large cities of the world are experiencing huge problems with traffic jams that have repercussions on financial and ecological aspects of human lives. It was identified by last researches that it takes people 30% of their traveling time to drive through traffic congestions, whilst their cars make almost 75% of total air pollution…. View Article

2012 London Olympics

1)What broad tradeoffs does Williamson face as he thinks about his ticket prices? Some of the main factors that need to be taken into consideration when pricing the tickets and the associated tradeoffs that come with each are: •Maximizing Revenues: Per estimate, ticket revenues ($650MM) account for 21.5% of LOCOG’s forecasted budget ($3B). Any drop… View Article