Lolita: Alternative Ending

It’s been two years since i’ve heard from Lo. She was pregnant and married all by 17. Her letter was a request for money. Her husband, Dick, was to be employed in Alaska but they needed to settle some of their debts.

I was consumed by emotions. I was enraged to find her committed to another man, but i grew excited at the thought of finally seeing her. Lo’s letter did not include an address, but i managed to find her living on Hunter Road in a town named Coalmont.

I cleaned up and put my best suit on. I brought my gun, with the intentions of killing Dick and bringing my Lo back home with me.

As soon as she opened the door i was hypnotized. Even as a young woman, I found her stunning. She was far from the brash preteen I once knew. I was looking at a mature, soon-to-be mother. But her smile still had hints of her innocence and youth.

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Lolita warmly greeted me and invited me into her humble house. I followed behind as she waddled into the kitchen. 6 months Pregnant and she was still so small.

How’d you find me, dad? she asked as she poured two mugs of coffee.

Not important Lo. I muttered. W-what happened? Whose dick?

She smiled and led us to the living room. Her silence made me anxious. She always knew how to make me squirm. We sat and she took a sip of her coffee.

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Don’t be silly, Dad. It was Clare, Clare Quilty. He has a thing for little girls. He puts them in the movies.

I felt betrayed. My innocent Lo being exposed to the world. She left me for another man. But yet I sensed an overpowering feeling of lust and compassion for my girl. And i realized i will always love her, even when her youthful energy is drained and absent of innocence, she will always be my Lo.

Of course that didn’t last long, I didn’t notice that she lit a cigarette. When did she start smoking? I was tired of being the victim, I was tired of being exploited.

I looked at her. I’ve never seen her look that happy, I’ve never seen her smile so big. Then I glanced to see what her hands were fidgeting with and before i could react, I was shot. The last thing i remembered was her and who i assumed was Dick, staring down at me. She was happy with him and he was happy with her.

Lo and Dick found the money I brought for them. It was the all I had left, $9,000. Dolly and Dick Schiller gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in December. They used my savings to provide for their beautiful and healthy family. Lolita was never questioned about the disappearances of Clare Quilty and Humbert

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