Lockheed Martin Essay

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Lockheed Martin

Question: By laying of Lockheed Martin employees, does it affect the future sales of the company? Articles: Lockheed Martin Not Giving Layoff Notices, At White House Request, Lockheed Martin Drops Plan to Issue Layoff Notices, and Lockheed Martin threatens big cuts I. Introduction

The Lockheed Martin Corporation ousted its incoming chief executive, Christopher Kubasik, for having a close relationship with a subordinate at the defense contractor. They forced him to resign after the investigation found it to be improper conduct, which violated Lockheed Martin’s code of ethics. However, Mr. Kubasik felt that his affair did not interfere in any way with his job performance. There have recently been some budget cuts at the Pentagon, and contractors are trying to adjust to the changes. The Lockheed Martin directors favored promoting Ms. Hewson, a contractor; because they believe she performs well in other management roles. She had been with Lockheed since 1983, and will immediately become president and chief operating officer of the corporation.

II. Findings
A. Layoffs (finding 1)
1. Pending job cuts
2. Warnings (the WARN Act)
3. Less pay
B. Budget cuts (finding 2)
1. Reduction in Pentagon spending ($500 billion)
2. Minimized the potential for waste and disruption associated with the issuance of unwarned layoff notices.
3. Less spending
C. Smaller workforce
1. 18% smaller
2. Hiring pace is slower
3. Fewer jobs available = smaller workforce

III. Analysis

A. Stakeholder analysis
B. Cost-benefit analysis
C. Six thinking hat

IV. Conclusion

Based on the findings and analysis, by laying off Lockheed Marin employees, it would affect the corporation and future sales negatively. Since there will be mass job cuts, the company will slowly start to deteriorate and will fall apart altogether.

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