Location Based Social Networking Essay

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Location Based Social Networking

Imagine yourself in a locality surrounded by strangers- a new city, a new state yet, no more totally strange. Check-in Yo!, update your profile and you are all set for the location. The location based social networking app Yo!Buddy is making you familiar with the society and locale wherever you are. You can see the like-minded interests and hobbies pursuant, neighbors and have chance to communicate with them.

If you think you are not familiar with the ones you desire to go ahead and say ‘hello’, do not feel the set back. Yo! will show you everyone using the app around you, upto 5km. The further you go with Yo!, it has the feature to update and check-in your location, nearby people, activities and events. What more would you ask your locality to show you than what you desire- the users and chance to communicate with them.

Yo! finds it simple and unique to bring your online friends and neighbor closer to you in your real life. When you meet your locality people online more often chances to meet them in real life increase much more. Who knows you go to a big mall and are just checked-in to find out that another of your neighbor or friend is nearby or even an online Facebook friend has come to visit the city. You might even be idling at home on a weekend to find another of the Yo! user nearby you too is idling. This makes your networking stronger with him/her.

Yo! is mastering itself to provide you the platform so that every time you check-in, the GPS based Yo! records it for you and fellow users. You can even check-in Yo! through your Facebook profile, connect with your friends nearby and be updated on how about of them.

The social networking on web is changing and applications like Yo! are changing it for our betterment. You have the world shrunk in a piece of computer.You have Facebook, Twitter to make friends & followers worldwide and network. Though most of the friends or followers you get through these are virtually available and you might not have them when you need them.

We are traveling to distant places for various reasons and at a strange place we feel left alone, most of the time. We like to see and enjoy our stay, befriend the people around and see nice places or just sit in a corner and still be updated as who are doing what nearby. Imagine yourself to see and doing whatever you like. Imagine to be updated and also open to be welcomed and involved in the surrounding.

Location based social networking is bringing the world more alive to you- on your android application, in your palm. You just have to give it a try: invite and spread it to people around you, check-in, update and you are all set to say ‘Yo! Buddy, Wassup!’

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