Located close to Cairo International Airport which could be reached

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Located close to Cairo International Airport which could be reached by driving 16km from the property, airport pick up and drop facilities could be availed b residing at saAlexander Hotel Cairo. Featuring ticket arrangements to the exhibition halls and major attractions, this place is not best for art lovers and explorers while knowledge seeks also reviewed this place finest as public libraries of Cairo are located nearby while hotel also owns a reading room where wide assortment of books is available.

Bilingual staff at 24-hour front desk, guests can get tour desk, currency exchange on-site, luggage storage, lockers, an on-site ATM machine and express check-in/check-out service. 5 different rooms are available with contemporary amenities with single and double beds where up to 3 guests can live in. Parking in the streets and garage is available on charges and wireless internet within rooms is free while wired internet in lounges could be used by paying minor bucks. Rom service is provided and tour desk is available on demand.

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Guests love to taste meals at GAD restaurant which is settled up near the property and Al Amrikin caf?/bar is also located close to the hotel. River Nile is one of the major visiting spots of the country which flows just 2km from the hotel while a mountain and Egyptian National Museum could be reached by walking 3 minutes from saAlexander Hotel Cairo. ?

2) Allegiance Hotel

Settled up at a short travel from Egyptian Antiquities Museum, Allegiance hotel is reviewed as most calm and relax stay in the city not just because of the featured public lounges and in-room amenities provided by the staff but it’s ideal settlement where guests are free of uproar sounds and can get to enjoy the night walks, relish meals in the nearby restaurants and go to sight see the landmarks of the town in a short while whereas conveyance is not a problem here as tram station are also positioned close to the property.

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Properly furnished hotel rooms come up with free internet to keep the guests connected to their social life and special amenities for families residing at Allegiance Hotel. Heaters and air conditions are available within the rooms. Breakfast could be relished by sitting in guest apartments which comes up with variety of items. Koshari-Al Tahrir restaurant could be reached at a short drive from the hotel which serves tempting meals while Abdel Rehim Koueider bistro serves intercontinental meals at affordable price close to the hotel. Some rooms of the hotel come up with extended balconies to enjoy the night by looking at the bright streets and busy landmaks of the city. Being inaugurated in 2011, the hotel in furnished in modern style and includes all the necessary amenities by keeping the guests’ comfort its top priority.?

3) ALMASA Royal Palace – New Capital

Facing the Playa Del Masa caf?/bar, ALMASA Royal Palace is sited in the noiseless and exquisite zone of the town whereas its elegant and pleasant structure incorporating the pool which is positioned magnificently, featuring rooms around it make this place loveable to the visitors as they can enjoy the landmarks views from balconies of the rooms which are properly embellished in contemporary panache. Guests who love to eat intercontinental meals can get to on-site Montego restaurant, residents who want to eat Middle Eastern dishes can get to AL Khedewy Restaurant while if you want to taste Italian food items then on-house La Sponda Restaurant will be ideal for you. A beautiful garden is also available on-site where BBQ is arranged for guests on-demand. A wide assortment of activities are arranged for guests including tennis, billiards ad archery while kid’s club is also operated inside the property. Guests can rent bikes from the front desk and enjoy a ride to the city. On additional charges, fruits, chocolate, cookies and kid’s meals are also available on-site. Featuring free of cost wellness and pool amenities, guests can also avail massage services on paying additional charges. Reception services, business facilities and parking amenities are the contemporary services of the hotel while airport drop-off is also available without any extra charges. Cleaning services and special facilities to disables guests are provided as well.?

4) Al-Rehab Apartment 854

Themed in classy and dusky tones, AL Rehab Apartment feature elegantly furnished family rooms which provided relaxed accommodation to 5 people at the most whereas the apartments comprise of 2 bedrooms and a living room as well. Bedrooms are provided with 1 large sofa bed and 2 single beds whereas 2 sofa beds are also available in the living room. All the rooms are maple floored and carpeted while an iron, a clothes rack, a drying rack for clothes and a wardrobe is provided whereas a flat screen television with satellite channels is also available in guest’s apartments. Offering the guests freedom to eat whatever and whenever they want to, onsite kitchen is well-appointed with essential kitchenware, electric kettle, a microwave, a stovetop, mini fridge, dining table and cleaning products whereas a clothes wash could also be used. You don’t need to reserve space for your car as parking is free at parking spots of Al-Rehab Apartment. Garden views could be enjoyed by siting in the balconies. Restrooms fitted with guests apartments also come up with necessary featured services. A dedicated siting areas and a dining place is available in the living rooms of the hotel. Free Wi-Fi available at the hotel let you to connect to your social life. Al Rehab Eastern Market is located 400 meters from the hotel and incorporated superstores, restaurants and caf?/bar.?

5) Al-Rehab luxury house

Al-Rehab luxury house offers elegant and vast apartments in the middle of Al-Rehab city, residing at this luxurious hotel keep you connected to finest places of the city as you can walk or drive to sightsee the landmarks within few minutes from the property. Apartments with garden view come up with a living room incorporating a sofa bed and dedicated sitting area while 3 bedrooms are also available where 1 kind-sized beds and pair of single beds are available with allergy free mattresses and pillows. Two bedroom apartments have a large beds and 2 single beds. All apartments are wholly climate controlled and include nicely decorated balconies to enjoy the city outlooks and garden views. Kitchenware and necessary appliances are also provided such as water dispenser, oven, refrigerator, electric warmer and kettle, automatic utensil wash and a cooker. Ensuring 24 hour security, guests can park their cars without any stress in the hotel garages and streets adjacent to the property. Airport shuttle and pickup facility is provided free to the guests whereas Cairo International Airport could be reached driving 11 kilometers from the hotel. The waterway and AUC New Cairo is also sites with 6km from Al-Rehab Luxury House. On-site shops and children playground is available as well. Guests enjoy free Wi-Fi within the property. Pets are not allowed at Al-Rehab Luxury hotel. Friendly hotel staff is bilingual.

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Located close to Cairo International Airport which could be reached

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