Local Literature for Entrance Exam Registration Essay

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Local Literature for Entrance Exam Registration

Every year thousands of high school graduating students seek admission to PUP through its College Entrance Test (PUPCET). For the School Year 2008-2009, the Admissions Office recorded approximately 42,000 applicants. During peak periods of application, it takes several hours to complete this process. At times applicant has to return to PUP to finish the transaction. Time and resources spent by the applicants and by the University could have been used to more productive activities.

Moreover, during the month of October and mid-December, the Admissions Office has to suspend processing of application to allocate their resources to the processing of mid-year graduation and to attend to the enrollment for second semester. The existing system does not integrate the data captured by various offices involved in the processing of the PUPCET. The Admissions Office, Accounting Department, Cashier, Guidance and Counseling, Scholarships, Student Services, Academic Units, Research and Development, Human Resources are just some of the units who will use the information by this system.

In addition, the University is required to submit data and reports regularly to external agencies such as the Commission of Higher Education (CHED), Department of Budget and Management (DBM), Congress, etc. The absence of an integrated database tends to result to data inefficiency, which affects the quality and objectivity of the recommendations, decisions and plans by the policy-making body or administrators and other stakeholders. In order to address this problem, PUP iApply (formerly codename “Project Silangan”) was conceptualized.

Applicants benefit from the proposed system as compared to the existing systems, because they can Apply anytime, anywhere at their convenience using any personal computer connected to the Internet, save on cumulative expenses (transportation fare, food, etc. ), save on time and energy (transportation, falling-in-line), and verify status of application anywhere, anytime. These are just a few of the ways PUP iApply can impact the bottom line and simplify the admission process.

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