Local Environmental Problems Utah Air Quality

Air quality is particularly poor during winter inversions due to Utah’s geographic landscape. As of 2018, the American Lung Association ranked the Salt Lake City-Orem area 18th in the country for high ozone days out of 227 metropolitan areas. One of the environmental impacts of air pollution is acid rain which will have repercussions on agriculture, in turn affecting the human population with different types of diseases. Other problems include ozone depletion and eutrophication. Currently, the Division of Air Quality (DAQ) is the agency in charge of many different programs that help Utah comply with the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS).

The Wood Stove Conversion Assistance Program, Utah Clean Diesel Program, and the Cache County Vehicle Repair and Replacement Assistance Program (VRRAP) are just a few of the many programs the DAQ runs to help with Utah’s air quality issues. Growth and Recycling: As Utah County has grown, it has seen an immense amount of new construction. This results in an increase of littering and waste that will damage the county area.

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As a result of the growth, we can see an example on the Utah Valley Hospital, during the construction and reconstruction this cause a total of 800 tons of waste to be recycled. As a result, some of the public health issues are dust which results in sicknesses like endotoxin which in turn can result in asthma chronic bronquities caught etc. There is citywide recycling available in many cities like Orem, Alpine, Spanish Fork which will offer programs to recycle compostables.

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National Environmental Issues Deforestation in the United States:

Deforestation in the United States is affected by many factors. One such factor is the effect, whether positive or negative, that the logging industry has on the forest in the country. All though it does exist illegal logging and it cause a good percentage of the total of the deforestation issue wildfires are also a huge fact to take into consideration either caused by human or natural fires. Some of the environmental impacts that come with deforestation species extinction As it, for now, the United States Forest Service is the only association in favor of logging to a certain extent however there are a lot more groups who oppose the ide like EarthRoots which states that logging, especially in the industrial areas, has led to deforestation and near extinction of many animals.

Mining in the United States:

Since colonial times Mining in the United States has been active, however in the 19th century a number of minerals were discovered in the continent causing a series of mining rushings. Back in 2015, the value of minerals like coal, metals, and industrial minerals was the US $109.6 billion as a result 158,000 workers were directly employed just in the mining industry. Some of the environmental impacts of mining include erosion in the environment, the formation of sinkholes and loss of biodiversity. Depending on the country mining companies are required to follow environmental and rehabilitation codes and programs to ensure the area mined is returned close to its original state International Environmental Issues Global Warming:

Many countries have become more aware of the benefits of environmental protection, however, even if all nations will take steps individually to address certain environmental issues which spill over national borders. Global Warming for example, by itself no nation can reduce the carbon dioxide and other emissions of other gases enough to solve the problem. The scale of the problem requires the cooperation of several nations. One of the many problems with global warming is the sea level, as result, the human population can be and will be displaced creating a more condensed area that will emit more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere creating more air pollution, therefore, more disease.

Some of the genesis working on the matter are United Nations Environmental Program UNEP wich id the administrative umbrella for most major UN environmental efforts, including those on climate change. Preserving Biodiversity: Another example of an International environmental challenge is preserving Biodiversity, the spectrum of flora and fauna genetic material. All though a nation can protect all the biodiversity within its own borders, many nations share ecosystems, therefore, sharing similar flora and fauna needed to be preserved. No nation acting alone can protect biodiversity around the world. by not working on preserving biodiversity we incur in lack of nutrition, water pollution, air pollution and enjoyment of natural ecosystems. Many agencies work on the matter like Conservation international which is a group of scientists and policy experts who aims to help stabilize the global climate, protect the world’s supplies of fresh water, and ensure overall human well-being in ecologically threatened areas.

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