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Local and Foreign Entertainment Appreciation Essay

Our topic for research is about “Level of Appreciation of Filipino Teenagers between Foreign Entertainment and Local Entertainment in terms of Television Shows.” Nowadays, people have different ways of entertaining themselves. Entertainment consists of any activity affording pleasure, diversion, or amusement. Entertainment can be in passive such as watching movies or active forms such as sports. It also provides a lot of fun and enjoyment. In today’s technologically advanced living style, people have no time to spend for leisure. Life is too fast and the people have little time to spend with their friends and family. Unlike the good old days where people used to work and relax, go back home and have a good time with the friends, people nowadays tend to move with the work.

Entertainment has an important role in socialization, relaxation, family ties, community structure and forms of expression beyond sheer logic. It strengthens the emotional ties between individuals and around groups of individuals. A well rounded individual, and also society as a whole, benefits from many activities and interest beyond those just needed to provide food and shelter.

One form of entertainment is mass media. Mass media refers collectively to all media technologies which are used for mass communications (delivering messages to a large audience), and to the organizations which control these technologies. Included in this collection is television. Television nowadays has a great effect, especially in entertainment. As stated in previous paragraphs, entertainment has a lot of importance and it is expressed in many ways.

Also, it can influence the lives of the people, especially in terms of our country, which may be considered a small country in some terms. There is no doubt that we can see a trend towards a global culture but westerns dominate. Our traditional culture is overwhelmed by the “Western” kinds of entertainments in our country, especially when it comes to television shows. It is obvious that poor countries do not have adequate resources like skills, technology, funds and human resources to develop their own high quality TV programs.

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Due to these limitations of local production, educated people may complaint more about inappropriate supplies. At the same time the lower educated people and children accept the harmful culture directly. On the other hand, if majority imported shows and entertainments still dominate the whole market, it will affect the creative ideas by native talented producers because of limited resources. This will show now if a student chooses our locally-made television shows or those famous shows in abroad.

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