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We, as human being have many questions, complains, and objectives about life. We are living in this with full of sins. We do moral actions and immoral actions that affects to ourselves and to our society. Most people says that life is so boring to live. Going out to parties, and other occasions will cause people some fun and enjoyment but when going out to church and attending the mass will cause a people the act of bored. Some people may say that God is dead and never exist.

That God is untrue and will never help us all, and they really believe on what they stand.[footnoteRef:1] [1: Nickey Gumbel, Alpha: Questions of Life. (Brompton Road, London SW7 1JA; Alpha International Holy Trinity Brompton, 1993-2007) 11.]

Throughout the history in Christian life, there have been events about the concept of man. Every man has his own view, which leads him to success or failure. Every work will always begin with a purpose.

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And that purpose will lead every man to reach its goals. Every man are unique. There will be no two persons in this world look the same, even twins has its own perspective and personalities. [footnoteRef:2] [2: Raul L. Paras, Morality and Vocation , (203 Mindanao Avenue Extension Project 8, Quezon City; Dane Publishing House, Inc.2015) 16]

The world is not only for the place of goodness but it is also place of evil actions and thoughts that may lead people getting away to God. People will get tempted due to lack of fulfillment such as vices, debt, crimes and other evil acts.

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And those things will cause transgression to God. Man has the right to do things with freedom and conscience and also to make a moral decisions in life. Even when in times of sacrifices, it has also to be moral. In every pathway that people will take, being moral is there for them to guide with their conscience because humans cannot control their will.[footnoteRef:3] [3: ibid 26]

Every one of us has the ability to do things that satisfy us. But not everyone has the choice that is good for greater people or for the society. It is a living proof that we are not knowledgeable enough into the things we tend to do. People should consider the norms, laws, rights of every things here on Earth. A person must have a knowledge in order to make better decisions that comes from doing the right things.

In this world with full of sins, we have this principle of morality that guide us to determine if our actions are moral or immoral. Though, sins alienates humans in order for us to be away from God. It will do the act of rebellion against God’s law, and that’s what separates us from God. Humans have done so many sins in many situations and places, people may act irresponsibly because of sins. There are rules of conduct in every laws that have been made by a competent person in authority for all good, those are created to help and guide us to reach on one’s final goal. Doing the right thing and avoiding the wrong thing could mold us to be capable person. It guides us to make decisions in our everyday lives. For some instances, people will do wrong for their own will. In doing such things morality should be considered before doing it. [footnoteRef:4] [4: Ester V. Frago , et al, Called to Discover our Christian Roots Third Edition, (Phoenix Bldg., 927 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City: Sibs Publishing House Inc. 2015) 25]

Crystal clear is what a person will see and the witnesses will give feedback of your actions that is needed for a person will never stop and continue doing right things for one’s self and for others. Doing right things is not about being a benefactor but it is about being human and getting what you deserve while serving others at the same time. There are people that tend to do things for their own good but it is limited to have people that thinking about the greater good. Knowing what is the right thing to do can make ourselves productive in every things we take. Through this we can make our society better than before.

People have given by God the capacity of freedom to do what they want to do for good. And most humans are too abusive to use their freedom to do such amoral and immoral actions and decisions. People will get tempted and will find ways in order for them to be satisfied. Conscience plays an important role in one’s life. An inner voice that will tell us whether the action is moral or immoral.

Societies are regularly systematized according to their prime source of living. It is formed according to its respective beliefs, traditions, language, historical environment, culture, and values. Living in this society, it is possible that everyone may meet different kinds of people with different attitudes, personalities, and status. So as part in the community, building one’s relations has the big role to its daily living. Community means that a group of people living in one area or in one place, having most common interests, bond of faith, love, care, and cooperation to one another. And it’s a good thing that a people in a community are helping each other and working together for the better development and advancement for everyone.[footnoteRef:5] [5: Venus E. Mariano, Ph.D, Victorina E. Mariano, et al. Golden Seeds for Life Education to Personhood 9 , (1624-1626 Espana Blvd. cor. Don Quijote St., Sampaloc, Manila: St. Augustine Publications, Inc. 2015) 9]

A person cannot do by themselves; he or she needs to live together and socialize with others. A person cannot be successful without having socializing with others, or maybe without having bond to one another. Nowadays, there were dangers both wild beasts and immoral people who are attacking people. For this situations, a society needs to form an organizations to protect the others and for themselves. And also to give justice those who are needed.

For social reason, a person needs love, time, friendships, care, and companionship. We need to work together, help each other, eat together, and have some fun together. Because that is the purpose why a community in society is created. For economic reason, a person has to feel and satisfy on their basic needs because a person cannot fully sustain all things that he or she needs, so he or she is dependent to other’s work. For example, a farmer depends on the corporation of grains to satisfy their needs of financial and in the same way that the corporation needs harvested grains by the farmer to satisfy the food for the people who are working in the corporation and to the consumers.[footnoteRef:6] [6: ibid]

Another part in the society that gives the essence of the community is the family. There are members in the family, and each one of them has responsibilities. But a family needs to encourage their children with love, care, respect, bonding, confidence, and affection so that they are successful in meeting the psychological traits and needs of a child. The family must teach their children to socialize with other people. It may help the children to grow with the essence on having morality in life.

When a person lives in a society, he or she should consider themselves being part on it. He or she must obey the policies, rules, and regulations that is approved by the leader for the good sake for themselves. Being part in the society, we should support any programs and projects that seems for the better future in improving the society. Even in the society, there are people who are in different religion it is important for us to respect one’s beliefs both religious and cultural where a person he or she belongs to. Because religion is not the basis for having a social dissimilarity, and the good ethnic principles and backgrounds should be well-preserved for the future generations for them to be united as one.[footnoteRef:7] [7: ibid 17]

We, humans are God’s instrument to administrate the land. In reaching successfully the peace and order this could be done by obeying, following, and respecting the laws which have been made by the competent people. The laws articulated should not only benefit to the persons who made the laws but everyone that is under in the society are protected by law, whether it is a criminal or innocent. Laws are articulated in order to assist as guide and public moderator among human beings. Everyone should know and have their rights in law in any scenarios and will give the justice that they need.[footnoteRef:8] [8: ibid 72-79]

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