Living In An Apartment Essay

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Living In An Apartment

Finding a place to live, which is suitable for one’s family, is one concern of most families. The increase in population as well as the increase in land value and building costs, has resulted in the construction of many apartments especially in urban areas. There are some similarities as well as differences when we consider living in an apartment and in a house. In order to make an informed choice for one’s family, it is important to examine both the similarities as well as the differences of both options.

Some of the similarities would be that it is possible to find a house or even an apartment of the size that you require, since there are houses as well as apartments of varying sizes. Furthermore, the fittings and the comforts that one could have in a house, can also be found in an apartment. Also just as one may have maintenance expenses for the upkeep of one’s house, one would also have such expenses, when living in an apartment. An apartment can be considered to be a complete housing unit, just as an individual complete house.

When we consider the differences between the two options, we have to recognize the fact that in the case of the house, there is ownership of the land, whereas in the case of the apartment, the ownership is not of the land which is shared among the many, but instead the ownership is only of the apartment. In the case of apartments there are certain areas that are shared among the inhabitants, such as car parks, staircases, lifts and sometimes balconies and rooftop gardens. Whereas in the case of the individual house, these facilities are not shared by other neighbours.

As such, there is greater privacy, in the case of the individual house. When it comes to enjoying good music or parties with friends, the greater privacy that is afforded to those living in their individual houses, allows them greater freedom to make their own decisions on these matters. Those living in apartments on the other hand, do need to be cautious as to how their decitions on these matters will affect their neighbouring occupants. If it disturbs them, they could complain to the management of the apartment, which can result in some sort of penalty.

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