Living Dorm Room Vs. Living at Home

In our today , modern world and with all those new kinds of human communications , many new types of human living patterns comes out , so its clear that we need to make a good comparisions to understand the deferences between the traditional type of living with parents , and with what we name it today as dorm living ,both has some ponit to look at it such as independency economic, and responsibility.

First of all , if we try to take a look on independency clearly the deffencies between the two live style is huge ,when its come independencyliving in a dorm insure more independent live style that usually no body will ask you about any thing and you are resposible about everything in your own life , while the opposite happening in living with the parents case ,some time you should to be clear about everything you will do , and you should to talk about it and explain your reasons before do any thing.

But even though ,when its come to talk about the economic side , always living with parents wins , life is changable when you live in a dorm you are responsble about all your financial situations and it will be hard to ask any help from any body even your parents in other hands living with partents can put you in more stable financial situation usually your parents will give you many of your needs even before you ask , usually you can depends on them if you faceing a hard time with the money in your daily life or for your study

In addition to the previous points , the most big defferince between the two life styles is the responsibility on your shoulders, living in dorm life style make you less resposible and you don’t need to keep thinking about those around you , you don’t need to keep thinking about what they need from you and about the deadlines to do things, while in living with the parents case , some times you found your self resposible about everything , or at least things that will take your time like home stuff , like helping your parents to do things ,and you will be so mean if your don’ t do it right way.

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To conclude this comparision ,its clear many and more points need to be discussed , yes we can say living in a dorm life style gives you more freedom ,more time ,less resposiblity ,but in the other hand living with the parents can fill your live with those emotions, true and honest type of emotions that you need it from time to time and you can’t found it in dorm life style, so its clear, your life style it depends on your personality

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