Living between two worlds

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Farrington in “ Counterparts ” is slightly a mirror of Little Chandler in “ Small Cloud ” . Like Chandler, Farrington works as a clerk in a jurisprudence office and lives in the rural/sub urban Dublin and has kids. Farrington takes his choler from being trapped, “ paralytic ” in an daunting occupation. Both Chandler and Farrington show thoughts of force towards their kids, let go ofing their resentment, humdrum of Dublin life onto their households. On the other manus, Gallaher in “ Small Cloud ” represents person that has moved out of Dublin, into a more alien and rich universe that is beyond the range of both Farrington and Chandler.

The rubric of “ Counterparts ” suggests an opposite state of affairs. This device that Joyce uses helps demo the competition between the two different universes, the provincial, paralytic Dublin and the apparently colorful universe outside the boundaries of Dublin. It is by meeting people from the alien universe that Farmington realized how narrow his life is which brings out the motive of entrapment.

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The rubric of “ Small Cloud ” is besides really effectual and might mention to the gleam hope that Gallaher ‘s comes to typify for Chandler ‘s. The beginning of small cloud is told from Chandler ‘s point of position and it shows his degrading attitude towards the Dublin community. They are depicted as “ infinitesimal vermin-like life ” and after his brush with Gallaher, he “ fees superior to the people he passed. ” He sees above the narrow, parochial life of Dublin and is aspired to purse his dreams of being a poet.

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The subject of entrapment and the enticement for freedom is present in “ Small Cloud ” and earlier narratives in the Dubliners. The “ oriental eyes ” in Araby and Eveline are give us as readers a glance of the alien universe that Gallaher is portion of. The “ small cloud ” of hope which Galleher represents in Chandler ‘s life can besides be a symbol of the “ small cloud ” in Chandler ‘s caput. His way seems to be covered by a cloud, blinding him from what his hereafter and his dreams. Finally, it can besides stand for the “ liitle cloud ” of unhappiness which Gallehar ‘s dramatis personaes over Chandler. Gallehar is a theoretical account of success, autonomy and modernness to Chandler because he is individual, following his dreams and populating an alien life. Conversly Chandler is chained to the provincial life of Dublin, working as the households bread victor, burdened by the duties of matrimony, maturity and kids.

In both narratives, James Joyce creates a contrast between two really different universes. In one universe, you have the successful and alien Gallehar, In the other, you have Chandler and Farrington, bitterness in their entrapment, psychologically paralyzed by the Dublin society. Both Chandler and Farrington are trapped in the parochial life of Dublin, unable to interrupt free from the load of societal jobs that is passed from important higher-ups on to workers and eventually taking place and onto the kids. This rhythm of societal agitation.

Journal Entry- Clay

In Clay James Joyce writes in a manner that makes the tone of the narrative poignant but at the really same clip “ happy and sad ” . The chief character of the narrative Maria, is a hardworking, good hearted adult female that lives a really controlled life, a life that is built of solid construction that is every bit simple and with a intent. In the novel, she is described as a “ regular peace shaper ” which underlines her composure, quiet life style and personality. However, even person every bit cheerful as Maria can endure from the idea of failure. James Joyce writes “ at the idea of failure of her small surprise and of the two and fourpence she had thrown off for nil she about cried straight-out. ” This goes back to Maria ‘s character and besides reflects the subject that James Joyce likes to name “ palsy ” . Maria is person that demands organisation and preciseness, this is shown in the debut with the elaborate descriptions of Maria ‘s kitchen. The kitchen was “ immaculate and span: “ the cook said you could see yourself in the large Cu boilers ” . The “ barmbracks seemed untrimmed ” but in fact they “ had been cut into long thick even pieces and were ready to be handed around for tea. Maria had cut hem herself ” . From this, we can see Maria ‘s attending to minute item, which is one ground why she gets so defeated when the she finds that her plum bar was gone losing.

The subject of palsy is explicated proposed in fresh Dubliners. Joyce writes about the societal status in Dublin at the clip, the politically powerless Ireland at the clip, doing the people of Ireland psychologically paralyzed. In Clay, we have Maria, paralyzed in her ain acute emotions, unable to accept anomalousnesss in her absolutely structured life. Maria is a complete antonym to Eveline. Eveline feels confused and trapped in her ain life, which makes her hold 2nd ideas about her potentially new life with Frank. Maria ‘s emotions on the other manus are far more undistinguished since she is unable to get the better of little alterations in her organized life. Another point worth mentioning is that the narrative is told from Maria ‘s point of position and it helps construct up the images of entrapment and palsy.

James Joyce besides uses a great trade of repeat to stress the thought of littleness. Joyce repeats words and phrases with some frequence as a manner of keeping a peculiar image of the character, and in this instance to make the fragile and guiltless image of Maria. Joyce uses short words such as “ mug ” , “ tea ” , “ laugh ” and “ nose ” in Clay and this signifier of repeat may be used to convey the thought that the character has his/her bounds. This shows that Maria usage of linguistic communication is restricted which may be an indicant of Maria ‘s constricted head. In a bigger range, this may be a mention to the subject of palsy which “ Clay ” and other narratives in Dubliners represent. In the novel, Clay may be seen as the first narrative that focuses on the repose and asepsis of Dublin life, but yet at the same clip, the repose is lost, when things do n’t travel harmonizing to program for Maria.

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