Lives and Social Relevance

Hale transforms as a character in the play firstly he accepts the girls statement even saying “Glory to God its broken.” Fully accepting the girls in what they say and what they do in claiming to be possessed by witchcraft but towards the end you see his struggle to save innocent people lives in once sense probably to make himself feel better of probably he did genuinely feel for the innocent This change of character adds tension as he is rushing to save innocent people and finally realises the girls were lying this adds tension because he felt guilt.

Elizabeth forgave John for committing adultery and even blamed herself “It needs a cold wife to prompt lechery”. Meaning it was her fault for the affair she couldn’t love him like he desired. She blamed herself is the one who did it and said she was the cold one. They were by themselves on the top of a cliff tension added from setting of the scene because it was very romantic and it was to be their last chat so tension was built.

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As their chat could change everything. Even though it appears to be a calm scene there would have been apprehensiveness John is in all power of his life. As Elizabeth allows John to make up his own mind and “refuses to influence him”. The audience are fascinated eager to find out the outcome of the conversation could sway on the way the play ended.

John Proctor faces a life threatening predicament ion act 4.

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First of all he confesses First he confesses after a climax of deep emotions he will rather die than beseech his good name. He is under a lot of pressure tension is created by the significant moments as they haven’t seen each other for a long time and need a lot to talk about. He is confused and doesn’t know what to do. If he dies his wife and children will be affected .For some people living without a dad is quite hard but if he lives he won’t live a fulfilled life and will be mocked .Everyone will think he’s a witch he will get tainted for the rest of his life.

He fights with his conscience the judges have almost convinced him to confess, but cannot bring himself to do just that .He illustrates his obsession with his good name. “Because it is my name! Because I cannot have another in my life! Lie and sign myself to lies! Because I am not worth the dust on the feet of them who hang! How may I live without my name? I have given you my soul leave me my name!” Proctor mumbles these words the mumbling of these powerful words shows he’s fearful and nervous. Tension is created by how people say things he could have said this in a different way but he mumbled it.

It shows his apprehensiveness but the language used could have also been very simple but it wasn’t. Arthur Miller creates tension by the language used and the structure John starts of with “because it is my name” stating he is in charge of it and he has full authority over his name. He doesn’t say the words with ease. It shows the love of his name at that time ones name was highly important at that time .Proctor is saying he is worthless he doesn’t even value those innocent people who have hung as he himself is innocent of witchcraft but not of adultery. He is saying he sold himself to them they can do him this one thing and leave him with his name the most important thing to him.

(His eyes narrow on Proctor) “Did you see anyone with the devil”? The stage direction tells us Danforth was incredulous. His eyes narrowing in on him tells us he doesn’t fully believe what John Proctor is telling us and shows his suspicion. The narrowing of his eyes makes it all the more discouraging for John as he is trying to frighten him .This adds tension as it shows that Danforth is serious and can probably be an intimidating character and does show intimidation .When Danforth asks him did he see anyone with the devil he denies it. Johns Proctor’s unwillingness shows thirst not to discredit his fellow prisoners he doesn’t want to smear the reputation of others when his own signature is required.

Tension is created as everything was up to him on his head and his signature that had so much significance and could change the lives of him and many others. He finally brings himself to sign .Utmost tension is created he has signed it which probably mean a sigh of relieve from the judges and especially Hale .But doesn’t want it to be publicly displayed on the door of the church “Is their no good penitence but it being public?, God does not need to see my name nailed upon the church god knows how black my sins are it is enough”.

He has doubt whether he did the right thing he doesn’t want to be scolded for life and more importantly for his children to be His name is his only legacy to his children “how will his children how be men if he sold his friends?” Meaning his children won’t be men if their dad was a witch and their dad sold his friends” because his surname will be passed down to he’s children and why do they have to suffer the consequences for their fathers actions

(With suspicion) “Is it the same is it not? If I report it or you sign it?” tension was Created through this stage direction. As an audience we can see Danforth is sceptical and as an audience are starting to wander ourselves what’s going to happen. We see that Danforth does previously not believe what John Proctor is saying but the stage direction mounts more tension and more pressure is put onto John Proctor as what he is saying is questionable by Danforth as Danforth is asking suspiciously.

With that proctor tears the paper up and crumbles it. He Elizabeth cries he has his goodness now.He as cleansed himself he made a stand for the foolishness that irrupted the town John Proctor shows pride “You will now use me I am no Sarah Good or Tituba I am John Proctor you will not use me”. Even at this point in time John Proctor still values his name even before death. Language in the crucible is used to create tension. Simple language could have easily been used but Arthur Miller wanted to add tension.

Arthur Miller creates tension by using pauses and silences when John Proctor is questioned by Danforth there is a long silence everyone at the courtroom await his response whether it be good or bad he is under a lot of pressure so the silence is almost expected but it adds tension because the silence amplifies the tension between everyone there The Play the crucible was very successful and still very successful due to the fact it has significance on everyday lives and social relevance. You see John Proctor facing a life threatening predicament as he would rather die a martyr than live a sinner and destroy his good name and destroy the good name of his children.

Arthur miller wrote the play as it was of similarity to what was going on in communism when reputations were destroyed people were often imprisoned and forced to implicate other people. I order for their own lives not to be in jeopardy. The overall effect of dramatic pause caused tension as it signified an significant moment and the moment was marked .Stage direction was used to create maximum tension as in act (his eyes narrow on proctor).Even though is was such a small stage direction so much was figured out we saw Danforth was incredulous and suspicious. The plot is strengthens because of the affair which in real life didn’t really occur John Proctor was over 60 years old and Abigail 11 years old in real life . Arthur Miller displays that even deeply religious people make mistakes in their lives and through their imperfections their characters brought the Witch hunt to complete chaos.

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