Live Theatre Evaluation Essay

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Live Theatre Evaluation

I went to see the production ‘Blood Brothers’ at Wycombe Swan Theatre on the 24th April 2013. Blood Brothers is a musical about twin brothers Mickey (Sean Jones) and Edward (Mark Hutchinson) separated at birth who both find each other again and become blood brothers, but find out they’re brothers right before they die. Before I saw the play, my expectations were it was going to be boring and just plain acting, which I do not like. I was quite surprised to find out it was a musical. I was quite looking forward to see how they used the script to make it happy, sad or funny at times.

When I looked at part of the script in class, I didn’t really understand what was going on The type of stage used was a proscenium arch which is looking through the fourth wall, which made the production effective because we could see what they were doing but they didn’t know the audience was there, which made it more naturalistic. The stage was also set up as a quite worn down estate, there was a wall with graffiti on in the background which made it look like it wasn’t a very nice area to live in. The lighting also helped create the effect by making it quite dark, dim and dirty.

In the second part of the play, they moved to the country (Ms Johnstone, Mickey, Linda, Sammy etc. ) Which was much cleaner and a nicer place to live. They showed this by making the lighting brighter and whiter, changing the backdrop to a field and when Ms Johnstone hung her sheets on the line, they were much whiter and cleaner which represents peace and happiness. Costume represented the actor’s characters a lot during the play for example, Mickey was from a rough and dirty background so his clothes were dirty, ripped and stretched throughout the play, whereas Edward’s clothing were very smart and well looked after.

Another key moment to represent Mickey and Edward’s friendship was that when Edward and Mickey first met, Mickey could pull his sweatshirt all the way over knees, because he played around a lot, and Edward couldn’t because he was seen as a ‘Mummy’s boy’ and listened to his Mother a lot. The closer Edward and Mickey got, the more Edward was coming away from his Mother and listening less to what she said. For example, when Mrs Lyons shouted at Edward he pulled his jumper right over his knees and also said to his Mother “You’re a fuckoff” which is very rude and not something a posh 8 year old should say.

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